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  1. Hi, I'm from C-W too.
  2. i rather liked it, though i thought the ending was confusing XD
  3. I still have yet to watch this anime but i've heard abit about it.
  4. only one i can think of is the one in assembly insert
  5. I still have yet to watch this anime though I heard it's pretty popular
  6. I would really like to see a season 3
  7. a season 3 sound great, though I still haven't finished season 1, XD
  8. I think a season 2 would be great as the ending left with some questions
  9. it would be great if the second and third seasons get an offical dub
  10. I thought this show was great and I'm glad it made it to the US
  11. I think it would be great if zero had the other seasons dubbed
  12. yea I usually always watch the openings and closings
  13. How to train your dragon, which was really good.
  14. This movie was really good, I think I also heard something about them planning to make a sqeuel in 2014
  15. last I watched was episode 7 of vision of escalfowne, which I thought was pretty good.