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  1. engsta

    Tenjho Tenge

    Has anyone noticed that Geneon is one of the only companies that will touch those dark and twisted anime series?
  2. engsta

    Highschool DxD

    When an anime starts out with a high school student shouting that he wants to squeeze giant tits... you KNOW you're in for a treat.
  3. Slice of life animes are extremely funny. More people should give them a chance. Lucky Star, K-On!, Minami-ke, just to name a few.
  4. engsta

    Blue Exorcist Sucks!

    Aside from the fact that it deviates from the manga, it's a fairly awesome series. You can't always have a truly faithful adaptation of a manga series to an anime, because most anime are made before the manga is able to be completed.
  5. engsta

    Yuyu Hakusho

    My favorite character is Yuusei. Love that series. I would rewatch it over and over again if I had the time.
  6. engsta

    Black Lagoon - Anime Discussion

    Love the series all the way to its racist remarks. It pushes so many boundaries. lol I haven't seen Roberta's Blood Trail, but I hear it's pretty amazing. Look forward to seeing that crazy maid go even further off the edge of sanity.
  7. engsta

    Is It So Wrong? And Who Thinks This Way?

    If you enjoy it, watch it. Just don't... do it o.e
  8. engsta


    A friend told me it was pretty good, and the art looks pretty damn good, so I think I'll give it a go.
  9. engsta

    Black ★ Rock Shooter

    I wish it could have been longer... but MAN they completely spent the entire budget on those last 2 episodes
  10. I saw the previews for that... I'm dying to see it
  11. THEY FUCKIN' BETTER release that on BR. DBZ is the shits!!!!!!11!!!1!
  12. engsta

    Empathy for anime characters?

    I kinda felt empathy with Naruto. Always treated like shit, and put down like he's some insignificant... thing. Yet even still he continues to work his ass off to be better than the others and stays true to his own goals, and to himself.
  13. engsta

    What if you found a death note ??

    I'd use it. Mostly to increase my own awesomeness.
  14. engsta

    Anime You've Recently Completed?

    Elfen Lied. It was pretty good, but I felt like it could use a little more... planning? It seemed like it was just thrown together in a hurry.
  15. engsta

    Do you watch OP & ED?

    Yeah. I like to listen to the songs most of the time... let's face it, some just suck and don't fit at all.