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  1. aardbark

    My posts aren't showing up?

    I managed to find a way. Lots of anime topics to talk about. Thanks.
  2. aardbark

    Tales of Grace F

    Im playing it now, and I think its MUCH better than Vespiria. A big reason is that it doesnt take forever for you to get to the meat of the plot. It took me like 15 hours in Vespiria to get to the blond guy that is on the cover of the box, and then even longer for something to happen. I acualy dropped playing Vespiria for Graces, it was just to boring. In graces, I have like 50 times more veriety in attacks I can do. I dont get why Vespiria is so populay, it was one of, the most boring of the tales series. Now I will admit I liked the characters, but it just wasnt enough. Now Graces on the other hand, is freeking awesome.
  3. aardbark

    Dance in the Vampire

    Definitly would be cool, I think they are waiting to see if it sold well in the usa first.
  4. aardbark

    blazblue anime!!!!!

    BlazBlue would make an awesome anime. But I want to see an anime of Guilty Gear more. (why not do both, lol)
  5. aardbark

    Kampfer... thoughts?

    This is on the top of my list of animes that I wish were dubbed.
  6. aardbark

    Black ★ Rock Shooter

    I wish they would dub this.
  7. All I can say is that Code Geass is my favroite anime of all time. (and Ive seen a loooooot of anime)
  8. aardbark

    Anime censoring - How far should it go?

    I can understand censoring things for saturday morning cartoons for children. But all DVD releaces of anime should be uncensored. Maybe a censored version, so parents can buy them for their kids, but there should always be a uncensored option.
  9. aardbark

    How are you supporting the industry?

    Believe it or not, I have about $10,000 in anime stuff (mostly DVDs) that I have got over the past 20 years.
  10. I dont get how so many people like Light. He was a horrible person. He killed his own father, just to keep his identity secret, and destroyed the rest of his family, and killed so many innocent people. I only wish he didnt loose for such a lame reason (both he and his helper wrote a Death Note to kill that person the exact same way, at exactly the same time. Lame) and it should have been L that beat him.
  11. aardbark

    Shakugan no Shana season 2 english dubbed

    I have been waiting for a true english dub of this since season 1 came out. (Now if Funimation would only dub When They Cry 2)
  12. aardbark

    We Need a Season 2 of Elfen Lied

    Id like a season 2, if every episode was about Lucy getting raped and beaten. She is my most hated anime charater of all time, and Ive seen a lot of anime. She is just soooooo horrible, (killing the main characters little sister and family, innocent families, etc etc) Why does everyone always forget all the bad things she has done, just because she becomes this cute little girl sometimes? Anyway, I love the rest of the characters, and the story, I jus hate Lucy.
  13. What hooked me into anime and kept me there, Record of Lodoss War. How come no one else remembers this anime?
  14. aardbark

    The greatest Ninja/Samurai Anime

    Ninja Scroll, Samurai 7, or Samurai X (The ovas, and definitly not the last one, that raped the Kenchin series)
  15. aardbark

    Anime: English Dub Vs Sub

    I suprised to see english dubbing in the lead. I am a dub fan, from the classic horrible dubs of 10 years ago, to modern day good ones. I speak english so I watch english. Its mostly that simple, but also I think that modern day english dubs are just done better than japanese ones. For one, the are localized, so you know, the jokes make sence. For 2, I hate japanese anime girls voices, they give me a headache. And three, I think most english dub actors are better than japanese ones. Well honestly, I cant really tell if a japanese voice actor is good or not. They could be terrible, but it all sounds the same to me.