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I plan on being active.

Mako Ruu

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Hey. I'm Mako Ruu. I'm a pretty well known Otaku in most circles. I've been around since nearly the birth of the Internet. I'm an ancient old man (of 26) who can be kind and awesome and give good advice. Or I can be a stoic grump who tells it like it is. It just depends on my mood.

I've been called a hipster, but I've watched more anime than anyone I've ever come up against. And I've actively collected and read hundreds of manga series ranging from Stepping on Roses to Scott Pilgrim vs The World.

At the moment, my current favorite top three anime are ToraDora! - Clannad (including Clannad After Story) - And the oldie classic, but always still a goodie, Ranma ½.

My favorite manga is easily Kodomo No Jikan. (inb4badreviews)

It's a wonderful story regardless of the bad rumors it's gotten, and I've been reading it for years. I've fallen in love with the characters, and eagerly await the release of the next issue from Sahou.

I came here because I garner dozens of forums to download and share anime, as one forum may be good for one thing, while not good for another.

My Hobbies include drawing and animation (anime and cartoons), writing, astronomy, puppetry (<3) , and making videos with my puppets and my friends. Lol We have this awesome show with the puppets that we put on youtube. In my spare time, I study physics and cosmology.

I look forward to hanging out with you guys.

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Hey man, welcome to the forum! I'm pretty new here myself but I love it here. My anime collection would have to agree with me on that too, seeing as how ripe my hard drive is with un-watched anime since I've joined.

We share a common interest in anime drawing and animation. I would like to see some of your stuff in the graphic section some time!


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Hello and welcome to Kametsu! it is a pleasure to have you here, but first off can I tell you that "Otaku" is an offensive term? I don't really like people using it and I think Koby feels the same XD

I have many interests, but my main one is writing, I love to write, many of my stories can be found in my sig (please see below ^.^)

I love lots of different sorts of anime from Skip beat and fruits basket to Maharomatic, Higurashi and Elven lied.

if you have any questions please see the assistance board as most likely they have been answered there, if not feel free to post our question or ask Shazi or myself (we are moderators here in Kam)

I hope to see you around ^.^

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Cello - Hello, and thank you. I have a Deviant art, but some of my work is not safe for work. Lol My Deviant Art.

Talena Mae - I'm sorry, I've always enjoyed the term. I'm fluent in Japanese and I use it all the time to refer to myself and my hobbies. I actually use it with varying degrees of pride. Lol

Lemmingllama - That actually sounds pretty cool. Though I've been Mako Ruu since before Final Fantasy VII. The actually spelling and pronunciation is ancient Greek. A loose translation would be "The Blessed Child." - I have a myanimelist but I don't use it. My anime list is a note book I have stashed somewhere near my computer with all my anime written down on it. Lol

Emotional Outlet - Here is the Youtube channel for the Haunted House I work at. I'll have it updated with some more videos but I don't control it's content.


Angel Of Darkness - It was a joke. Lol I actually look really young for my age, so I'm often mistaken for someone in high school.

Thank you all for your replies. You guys seem pretty cool and welcoming unlike most of the broods that troll anime forums.

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