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  1. english dub... only cos i can understand whats going on if my niece decides she's going to try and chase the cat so i can run off and save niece from certain scrams and cat from a heart attack if its on my pc or on a dvd or something and i can pause it i don't mind
  2. can i say Ryku (or whatever the shinigami was called?) he had the best seat... seeing both sides fall apart but by no means being affected by it all
  3. yu-gi-oh (mainly as i watched it when it was originally aired, then downloaded them and now the abridged series), death note (have it on dvd XD), shamin king and last but by no means least black butler!!!! love black butler so much!!!
  4. :haha: ROLF!!! wouldn't surprise me if they did think of something like that!
  5. Blueberry


    lol i did look but nothing came up, then i looked like again and did some alterations on the advanced search and like 3? came up O.o then a link in one sent me to another page and a read but was still confused... i tried going onto the shop thing but it said it was blocked for me O.o
  6. HEYA! i planned on being active too but that failed hahahah!! awesome intro dude and nah 26 isn't old!!! you're only just living hhahahahaha!!!! i'd say i'm old to start getting into anime/manga but meh thats my own doing
  7. heya! and welcome i googled for yu-gi-oh downloads and i found english dub kingdom then people were on about the forums so came on here via there hahahaha!!! google is an amazing thing as for yu-gi-oh... yeah i like it too (obviously as i wanted to download the original episodes!)
  8. i thought there was no difference except the amount of time it takes for a blu ray to load! my friend tried to convince me with Avatar that blu rays were better but i saw no difference and still got bored of the film lol! (i know avatar isn't an anime but its the only thing i've seen on blu ray)
  9. i find torrents are better anyway than file sharing, they seem to be quicker than just going onto one site and downloading a lot of things... with MU unless you subscribed you could only download one thing at a time which took longer than a torrent... but torrents do rely on people seeding/leeching... and theres not really an increased risk of viruses as tbh if you're gonna file share you've already opened yourself up to a massive risk anyway only problem i seem to find is sorting out the subbed from the dubbed, especially when there's no comments/description to tell you what language it is in it'll all calm down like eventually
  10. Blueberry


    omg this was posted a year ago!!! lol! ah well, found it on google, 5 anime i only ever watched 5 in all fairness they're now on my profile, video games not really got into them though i like mario and sonic , hobbies, photography.... nope no graphics, don't even do basic photoshop... and questions... what is gil? i asked koby but had like no reply and when i was "told" (more like demanded) to use the search tool, nothing comes up on what it is....
  11. google Chrome, it's faster than IE and it doesn't confuse me like FF does... i really like how all you have to do is type in the address bar and a google search happens... though you can change it to use another toolbar if you have one installed
  12. i was wondering the same... was downloading YGO:GX but stopped due to uni studies (it takes over for like months!) and i wanted to start downloading again just to find i'm gonna have to find a torrent :\ least i now know its like episode 155 was the end of the dubbing (subbing hurts my head ALOT!) it's a shame... any idea when it'll come back up??? if at all?
  13. OMG OMG OMG!!! you just made my day dude!!!! not only is it like final fantasy it's also the one and only 30STM!!! FANGIRL ALL THE WAY HERE!!! hahahaha
  14. wow its amazing!!! well done to the owner!! kinda makes me wanna get back into them and improve... my ones are like very very lame hahahahaha!!!!
  15. cool, but curious... what IS an abridged series?? O.o
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