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Syntelle here! Rabid anime fan who's really into almost every kind of anime~ I've moved here from ANN and found Kametsu while searching for some Bakumatsu downloads on Google. :greedy: Since it's been a while since I've lurked any forums, I'll take some time to enjoy my stay at Kametsu before I claw at their downloads. :bad_smile:

At the moment, my top five anime favorites(in no particular order) are:

One Piece

Full Metal Alchemist

Kimi Ni Todoke

Eureka Seven

The Tatami Galaxy

I'd include like fifty more, but then that would be boring to read through, yes? :P

As for my top video games, I've never played them directly(watched my friends play and enjoyed them like a movie haha ^^;)

Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy 10

Kingdom Hearts

Tomb Raider

For hobbies, I love drawing and I'm very addicted to the internet. I'm an art appreciator, so I lurk sites like deviantART and tumblr sometimes. I occasionally read, but as of now, my biggest hobby is going through anime marathons. +_+

As a [wannabe] artist, I am totally into graphic making. I use PhotoShop CS5 every once in a while to make myself some edits. Still have a long way to go, lol.

To wrap up this typical intro post, I do have a question for the Welcoming Crusaders:

are the Anime Index downloads torrents? I've been seeing the word 'seed' pop up a lot here, so I'm just wondering.

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Welcome to the forum syntelle!! I must say you make quite the first impression!! Sadly I haven't seen any of you favourite animes but some are on my to watch list! My favourite animes are:

-Death Note

-Naruto & Naruto Shippuden

- Gurren Lagann


I to love to do GFX! I have been jumping between Paint.net and Gimp and hope to get photoshop soon!! My siganture below is a piece of my work.

And as for the downloading Index no, the download are not torrents. The animes are uploaded to site such as Megaupload, Rapidshare, filesonic, etc. If thats what you where talking about :D

And just FYI to access the download section you must have 15 (non spam) posts, then you'll have to wait for a bit for a mod or admin to upgrade you account.

Any problems? Just give me a bell ;)

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wow, i agree with those above me... i'm still fairly new to the site myself but i have back read several threads and i have to say its good to read a persons intro like yours! We have some mutual likes (anime & art sites). Check out myanimelist if you wanna see more. Hope to see you lurking around!

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