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Trinari dragged the inert body up the last step and pulled him under the shelter, she crouched balancing on the balls of her feet as she studied the thing she had brought into the den. She bent close and sniffed at it, scampering back as it made a moaning noise. When it stopped Trinari creeped closer sniffing at the thing again, it had poisoned blood from the smell of it.

A banging and scraping sounded above her head and as quickly as she could she grabbed the thing at her feet and dragged it farther into the cave, to cover it's scent Trinari piled some of the dung around him. Inhaling deeply all she could smell was the dung so she nodded and wiped some of the dried up dung over herself.

Sister? Are you here? Came her brothers snide voice deep in her mind.

Coming Dourobe. She replied and ran out of the den and climbed up the wall, once there she bowed deeply, How may I help you brother Dourobe? She asked the huge brown coloured dragon.

You could die, that would help me. He swung his tail but Trinari saw it coming and deftly she ducked under the blow, rolling as he began to slam it down where she was moments before.

Dourobe! A loud mind voice bellowed and the dragon stopped his attack


What do you think you are doing to my hatchling?! Trinari winced as their mother continued to bellow as she landed on the ledge to their den.

He was helping me with my speed training mother! She called but the massive she-dragon ignored the girl stepping over to her and crouching down over the girl baring her fangs at her son.

That he was not hatchling, he was trying to kill you. She hissed her tail lashing, Trina my daughter, leave us for the moment.

Trinari bowed and quickly left the den, she had wanted to check in on that strange thing she had brought up anyway and this was the perfect chance to do it. Making her way down the cliff she picked some leaves and began grinding them between her teeth, reaching the top of the opening she fell the last few feet and stopped inhaling, still she could not detect it's scent.

Hurrying forward she then circled around the dung and sighed in relief. The thing had not moved, Trinari spat the pulp into her hands and gently spread it onto the gaping wound in what she guessed was it's chest. Once the wound was covered with the leaf pulp she used the access on an angry looking mark on his paw.

Trinari, will you come home now? You have a guest. Her mother called.

Coming mother! She sent back, before she left Trinari laid her hand on it's chest, she felt warmth there and a beating heart. Her eyes looked to his face and she noticed that it's eyes were open, but not really seeing and as she watched fascinated by the colour they closed again.


I will be right there. Trinari gave it one last look before turning around and hurrying back the way she had come. Reaching the den there was a large blur of movement and suddenly she was pinned to the ground and she found herself staring into the bottomless depths of a large red Eye. Taimu'kn!

Hey there tiny. Taimu'kn gave a dragon grin showing all his fangs. He was a moon younger then her and from the moment he hatched they had become fast friends, He often commented on how her white scale-less flesh complimented his flame red scales. His hot breath surrounded her and teasingly spoke. I came for dinner.

I'm not on the menu Tai. She laughed and pushed at his claw knowing there was nothing she could do to forcefully move him, however he was considerate of her small size and as she pushed up he pulled his claws away from her.

The night was getting late as Trinari rested propped up against the side of Taimu'kn thinking of the thing she had brought up to the lower den, wondering when to feed it, as she had hidden some of her own roasted bore and wondering what the thing down there was.

She had looked into a still pool often enough to know she was not a dragon like the rest of the herd, however she was much like that creature down there. Her thoughts lead to action, sitting up a little straighter Trinari broadcasted to them both; Mother, what am I?

Her mother sighed and Trinari could feel Taimu'kn's interest in her question. You are a child of a human and an elf.

Trinari rolled the unfamiliar words in her head, Human and elf? What creatures are they?

Images of pray flashed though her mind, and things on two legs just like her tending them, a little two legged hatchling in some sort of a nest. Humans. After her mother said the word more images flashed, this time of huge trees and strange dens, tall things with long pale flowing hair, a nest of leaves and another hatchling. Elves.

Where do I fit in? She asked confused, before an image of a tall pale creature like the one in the lower den came to her mind and a smaller softer version. They came together in a way that made Trinari blush, and from the smaller one, the human she realised, a little one was hatched.

You my daughter are a child of both bloods with all the knowledge dragons possess.

Taimu'kn twitched, How?

When I brought her here I had to open the pathways of her mind more, but by doing that I poured all the knowledge we have into her accidentally. Sadly at the time I failed to notice what I had done. It was not until Trina came into heat that everything became clear to me...

Do humans and elves know how to open their minds? Trinari asked she had a strange feeling her mother was leaving something out but it would be rude of her to pry.

Some humans have the ability, and train at some school, Elves have developed the ability over the centuries they have lived and passed on the knowledge to their hatchlings.

If you poured all your knowledge into me, why do I not know this?

You have not begun to open your mind as much as needed to access the information, but as you grow you will learn how. For the humans and elves I have observed they need things they call Spells, to help them achieve thus, but I doubt you will need something as silly as words.

We each thought our own thoughts for a while before Taimu'kn let out a huge yourn. Tai, why don't you go to back to your nest now? I am sure Ava is wondering where it is you are.

Mother knows I am here, but I am getting tired. Good nesting Mula, good nesting Trina. His deep mind-voice spoke.

After he had left Trinari picked up the meat she had hidden and excusing herself made her way out of the den and down the cliff. It was hard going trying to keep a hold of the meat between her teeth and harvesting more leaves and climbing down with mostly one hand and her feet, but she somehow managed it.

As soon as her bare feet hit the ground she dashed in and to the human she had hidden. Laying a leaf on the ground Trinari placed the meat on top then began chewing on the rest of the leaves she had harvested as she peeled off the now dry mess off the humans chest. After placing the new one on she looked into it's face once more.

The human was awake now, it's eyes locked on her. “Wa...ter” it made a low croaking sound. “ple...se, wat...er.”

Understanding came to Trinari and she jumped up, raced to the back of the den and filled her drinking cup she had left there with the cold water, glad that the pool was not stagnant each time she had to use it. She moved back the the human and gently lifted it's head, once she was sure it would not choke on the drink she began to trickle the water slowly into it's mouth. The humans hands gripped hers and the cup as it tried to gulp the water, and each time it did it Trinari pulled the cup away. Once it was done, it opened it's mouth again and tilting her head she tried to make sense of the sounds it made.

“Thank you...” it closed it's eyes.

Sitting back on her heels Trinari thought of how she could understand this human, she then remembered how her mother said some humans could open their minds, so gently she placed her hand over his brow and allowed her mind to seek his.

It was much smaller then a dragon's, she realised, but so full of... things she was surprised. She could feel the surface of it's thoughts, and once it became aware of her presence something like a cliff-face stopped her from getting any farther in. This thing had learnt to block his mind she realised and stopped.

I wish you no harm. It was more emotion then words as she was sure the human would not understand anything else. Resting her thoughts lightly on top of his she felt his panic, and just as her mother had done with her when she was a younger hatchling Trinari hummed under her breath.

The humming seemed to calm him down a little as she felt his panic recede a fraction then whit her eyes closed she pressed against the thing blocking her access to the humans mind. Suddenly a paw appeared it had colourful stones around it's talons, it took a swipe at her and instinctively Trinari pulled out of the creatures mind.

Trinari looked at him closely, his hair close to his scalp was black, however the rest of his hair was white, there were longer pieces of black then the front. His eyes were a dark brown colour and slanted up at the sides, his nose was small and flat.

She had seen her reflection in the still water of the mountain pools to know what her mother had said about her to be true, unlike the round face of this human her own was a little pointed, she had round green eyes, long wild dark brown hair that came down to her bare feet. Looking down she noticed that the human was shivering so thinking of the only way she knew to keep him warm Trinari lay next to him and pressed her body against his.

A few days had passed and Trinari was slowly making progress with the human, he was sitting up and eating for himself now while she sat nearby weaving a rope out of dried stalks she had gathered last summer.

“I want to go out.” he startled her by saying, she looked over at him, her hands still busy with her work and a puzzled expression on her face. “Out.” he pointed.

Trinari shook her head no she repeated his last word “Out.” He noticed her voice was lighter then his and also she had a strange accent when she pronounced it.

“Why can't I go out?” He demanded angry.

She dropped the rope and buried her face in her hands, if only the human would let her into his mind she could make everything clear. Her head snapped up and moving slowly she sat before him, Trinari touched her forehead and then his, trying to make him understand that she could show him why.

He sighed, “So the only way I can find out why I cant go outside is to let you in my head.” He shook his head. “No, I don't want you in there.”

It was her turn to sigh at the shake of his head. If only he would let her in. She felt a tap on her shoulder and looked up at the human. He touched his forehead then hers, she was puzzled for a moment before a smile broke out on her face. She had not thought of letting him into her head! Trinari nodded.

She sat straighter as the human looked deep into her eyes, she felt a tickle at the edge of her awareness so slowly she drew her mental block away, covering only her secret thoughts. She watched as the humans eyes widened. My mane is Trinari, this is my home. She then showed him how the mountains looked from above.

I made it to the Wildergrave Mountains?

Is that the name humans gave it? Well then yes, you made it to the Wildergrave Mountains. she then said nothing closing her mind enough to let him know he was being rude by not giving his name.

He felt her withdrawal and also the cause. My name is Kevven. He felt her open her mind again. Can you now tell me why I can not go outside?

I will show you. And she did, she flashed visions of the huge dragons of the herd, even the newest hatchlings who still were over the length of him one day after breaking the shell.

Dragons! His mind-voice was panicked You live this close to dragons?!

She flashed him images of her mother and brother. They are my family. She stated simply and watched as he trembled from head to toe. Kevven? Are you feeling unwell again?

He shook his head No, I am well... I just was not expecting...

She could feel his confusion, so slowly getting used to talking like this with him she told him that her mother found her as a hatchling, but instead of dropping her off with humans the dragon chose to take her in a her own hatchling. After her story was over Trinari could feel questions piling up and she smiled at him again, then wondered why his mind went blank when she smiled.

He quickly pulled his mind away from hers. “So I can not go outside because there are dragons. Well... at least I know you don't want to hurt me.”

TRINARI! COME QUICK! Her mother called and without a word to the man she rushed out of the lower den and up the cliff to her mother.

Mother what is wrong?

There are armed humans climbing the mountains, you must hide.

You think they are here to fight mother?

I know not daughter, but hide and stay hidden until I call for you.

Yes mother. Trinari spun on her heel and out of the den, before her mother could see where she was headed she ducked into the lower den and rushed over to Kevven. You must keep quiet for the moment. She was shocked that they had formed this little bond, but it was handy for speaking to him.

“What is-”

Trinari threw herself at him landing along his length, not caring about his injuries right now and clamping her hand over his mouth she said once again in his mind; Mother said there are armed humans making their way up the mountain, she does not wish me to be seen if they attack and I don't want you to be seen as well.

I have to leave! Kevven sounded desperate.

I cant let you leave just yet, please stay still or you will hurt yourself again! She growled into his mind, she felt fear, a deep seeded fear of the men coming up the mountain. Not thinking Trinari broke down his defenses and looked deep inside his mind, he was frightened, the men coming up the mountain were coming up to find him. Some woman was making them do it, Trinari was about to find out who the woman was when a whooshing sound filled the lower den.

I know you are here Trinari, come out come out where ever you are. She shuddered at the malice in her brothers voice. If you don't come out now little human-elf, I will tare this place apart to find you.

She gave Kevven a warning look as Dourobe's claws clicked against the stone, she saw Kevven shudder once before giving a nod. Trinari stood and walked out into the opening. Brother. She bowed.

I knew you were here, I could smell your disgusting scent by the entrance. Without warning his left front leg flicked out and slamming against her pinned her to the wall of the den. Now it is time for you to die. Don't worry, I will tell mother that you ran away, wanting to see your own kind.

Trinari struggled against his paw as she sort to free herself although she knew it was a fruitless effort. She became still when something sharp pricked the bare flesh of her stomach. Brother please-

He pushed his claw into her a little more, I am NOT your brother. He hissed tail lashing and smoke coming from his nostrils. Suddenly his weight left her and she crumpled to the floor clutching at her bleeding stomach with one hand and raising herself with the other.

TAI! NO! She called but the dragon did not listen, he was too busy fighting off Dourobe. MOTHER! MOTHER! COME TO THE LOWER DEN, DOUROBE IS FIGHINTING WITH TAI! Her mind bellow had Kevven clutching at his ears and the den shake.

Trinari! It was Kevven

Go into the water and near the bottom you will be able to feel an opening, squeeze through and swim to the right, there you will reach a hidden chamber, stay there until I come for you. She commanded and watched as he did her bidding, he had just dove under the water when an ear splitting boom sounded.

Mula burst into the den, her roar more terrifying then anything Trinari had heard before. As her mother pounced on Dourobe, Trinari rushed to the back wall and crouched into a little ball as to not be trampled. The sounds seem to last for hours before a loud crack was heard and Trinari dared to raised her head.

Mother... Tai? She asked afraid they would not answer.

We are here little one. Came her mothers voice as Tai said he was there too. Trinari stood and rushed around the dung when Mula caught sight of her she spread her wings and opened her front paws. Without hesitation Trinari rushed into her mothers embrace weeping as blood coated all three of them. Hush my little one, hush now. No harm will come to you.

But mother, you killed...

I know daughter, but I also know he was hatched with a twisted mind...


I am here Trinari, only some scratches.

Suddenly all three of them felt a sharp pain, a human had killed a dragon and they all felt it. Opening her mind once more Trinari saw the battle that was happening and with a hiss Mula backed off a few paces before turning and taking to the sky with Tai close behind her. Mother, Tai come back! However it was no use and both vanished from her sight.

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      “Thank you,” the snake hissed, coiling itself back up.

      My protagonist dropped me back to the ground and began hacking cleaving blows into my chest, the blood sprayed like a water fountain in hell, all the way up to the ceiling fan.


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