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Meena - x - Hi.


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I'm Meena and I'm an otaku. I've been coming to the site for awhile now. But haven't really signed up for the forum before. Untill now, obviously. So I was googling "english dubbed animes" and came across Dubbed-Kingdom.


I'm all like, "Heck yaaaaaah!"

It was all, "We also have. Gundam Wing Dubbed!"

I'm all like, "YES! I was lookin' for that!"

Cause I grew up on that and it wasn't subbed when I watched it, so I prefer the dubbed for it. And when you're tryin' to make AMV's it's better if you used dubbed or non-subbed animu, ya'know? Back to my story of coming across Dubbed-Kingdom.

And so like, it started to break down into a cheer.

"Allll right!

We’re sweet, we’ve got the wit!

We can’t be beat!

We’re the best, our site’s too cool!

We’ve got the skill to rock this net!

Ohhh yeah!

We bad, we got the site!

We can’t be had!

We’re the best, so score them votes!

You win the game we’ll rock this internet!

Go Kametsu, go Kametsu, go go, go Kametsu!"

I was all dancing to the cheer and it's beat. "Rock oooon!"

Oki, that wasn't so true, but I did find this place through google, 'cause I was looking for Dubbed Episodes of Gundam Wing and so I found more Dubbed animu. I sticked 'round and even showed some of my friends the site. I'll so think about postin' around some and gettin' to know the people here. I just need to make me some purdy Avi's and siggies first!

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