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  1. It worked thanks for your help.
  2. The download section says Sorry, we couldn't find that!?
  3. some of the links in ur upload of great teacher onizuka are dead. restoring it would help us a lot. thnx in advance.

  4. Thanks for the update on the site.

  5. Watch Monster http://forums.kametsu.com/showthread.php?t=20161
  6. Watch Monster: http://forums.kametsu.com/showthread.php?t=20161
  7. I use jDownloader .. I use to use IDM it was good.. but after I moved to Ubuntu I had to use jDownloader and it's the best.
  8. Death Note, Code Geass R1&R2, Monster.
  9. Haven't had the chance to watch the new series yet.. but here is a review from the group that released the original series in the best quality: http://shindou.magykal.net/2011/10/02/hunter-x-hunter-2011-episode-1-review/

    Supposedly they changed Gon's house, made the series lighter and more kid friendly, add terrible and misplaced BG music, removed Kite (seriously this may be the worse part.. it was Kite that explained what a Hunter was and the fact that Gon's father was a Hunter and he too was searching for him.. it was the whole reason Gon decided to become a hunter. Without Kite.. Gon shouldn't even know that hunters exist to start with.. so removing him was gay), they've gave him a catch phrase similar to Luffy, and they've already added filler characters.

    The pacing however is suppose to be much quicker. Supposedly the first episode consists of like 4 episodes previously. While this is more childish than the manga it's said to be a closer adaptation. Apparently the first series beginning episodes weren't exactly part of the manga or whatever.. and this new one has scenes already that wasn't in the previous anime.

  10. Hey Koby did you like the first episode of HunterXHunter?

  11. Nope sorry lol I think Dan Den will post next.
  12. Hi stuy is this a good place to download anime? http://tiny.cc/su4ko

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