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Live Before I Die

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Written by: Koby
Date: December 23, 2008

(Note: First poem I wrote in like 2 or 3 years)

Live Before I Die

Life just seems to fly by
days, weeks, even years
It seems to just be skipping past
Will I ever live before I die?
That question keeps coming to mind
No answer, nothing, time just goes on
Another day, another week, another year
I'm in a glass cage, watching the years go by
When I'm gone, I wont be missed
Nothing left behind to remind others of me
I'm a nothing, I had no life
It skipped right past me, and I watched it
Seems only yesterday I was 15,
Now I'm 19 wondering where the years have gone
Life just seems to fly by
days, weeks, even years
It seems to just be skipping past
Will I ever live before I die?

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    • By Koby
      I don't remember when I wrote this, seems I didn't date it, but here's another poem from my teenage years.
      Who Am I?
      What shall I be?
      My past is clouded,
      A mystery.
      Who am I,
      Without a memory,
      Faded and gone,
      Throughout the century.
      Who am I,
      What is my destiny?
      Who was I?
      And who shall I be?
      What is the mark,
      I'll leave on history?
      What was it in the past,
      And now, what will it be?
      So many asked questions,
      But with no reply.
      Now the past and future,
      a knot will tie.
      What has happened,
      Will be again.
      How can I be prepared?
      And what will I do then?
    • By Koby
      I don't remember when I wrote this, seems I didn't date it, but here's another poem from my teenage years.
      Turn For the Worst
      What cause's everything to go wrong
      I just cant seem to remember
      to remember when things took a turn
      a turn for the worst
      What is it within me that makes me so angry
      I can't even seem to do anything right
      It just brings me back to reality
      life isnt fair, life isnt always perfect
      I find myself at a fork in the road
      Will I make another mistake
      take the wrong road once more
      I dont think I could survive another failure
      I begin to take a road but reconsider
      I find myself answering my own questions
      Every time I think I have everything just right
      It all seems to come crashing down
      What is wrong with me
      is this some kind of curse
      I am sick, I am tired.. of living in this eternal hell
      The nightmares of doing another wrong
      They just wont stop
      I find myself at another dead end
      another wrong turn
      I have taken a turn for the worst once more.
    • By Koby
      I don't remember when I wrote this, seems I didn't date it, but here's another poem from my teenage years.
      Never Ends
      Funny and Ironic how the people that can afford things
      are the ones that get them for free
      Pathetic and Moronic how the people that claim to be tough
      always seem to flee

      The crowds that seem to pass me
      so very endlessly
      and no one seems to care
      about my misery

      Yet I smile at them
      and try to be happy
      look past all the bullshit
      as happy as can be

      But no one takes a step back
      Insults always sent
      why everyone's so heartless
      this cycle never ends

      Sad and so Frustrating how everyone I see
      pretend it's all alright and always try to be
      an image of perfection in everybody's eyes
      Yet they won't admit it's all fucking lies

      Sick and so Traumatic how the only person here
      that understands the world always lives in fear
      is the person that gets picked on everyday at school
      reasons are because they're just flat out uncool

      I can't take another word
      of the sanity I lack
      so just skip the small talk
      and stab me in the back

      I feel so fucking dead inside
      like If I had sold my soul
      I would've gladly done it
      if peace was in return

      But no one heeds my warnings
      or regrets what they've said
      Nothing's gonna change
      this cycle never ends

      the pain, the loss, the misery
      the death, the sickness, the agony...

      brother, sister hear me out
      what is all this shit about?
      I won't become a martyr
      for all the things you've done
      I stood up and fought alone
      while all you did was run

      It's all over now
      I've fought and I have lost
      No one really cares about
      the sentimental cost

      So wallow in your world of lies
      While someone plans about
      the demise of your entire life
      and how to take you out

      you can't escape the rage of those whose words they bend
      all you have to know is that the cycle never ends.
    • By Koby
      I figured I may as well post this one here. I have posted all my past poems here. All I see people post now days though is stories involving forum members. This section is more than just stories and being the last poem I wrote, I thought what the heck? So here it is. The title is kind of corny thinking back on everything. Everlasting Love? Is there really such a thing? I use to believe so, but it seems like every day we drift further apart.
    • By Koby
      Written by: Koby
      Date: March 16, 2009

      Meaning of the Word Love

      I look over at you
      I see nothing but a shadow
      of what we once were
      I never understood
      how we could let this happen
      from the moment that we met
      there was stars in your eyes
      we were perfect for each other
      forget all the cliches
      throw them out the window
      what we had was true
      true love, or so we had thought
      looking back, we must have been really naive
      that kind of love could never exist
      it was straight out of a fairy tale
      we were foolish, naive, to ever think it would last
      what is love for that matter
      it seems it's just a meaningless word...
      can it really not mean a thing
      all the time we spent together
      I'm looking back...
      I can no longer see
      except for a pitch black shadow
      it seems to be looming over me
      it's like death knocking on my door
      I can't continue to exist
      I can't be with you
      but I can't live without you
      We were never meant to be together
      but I've fallen for you
      That time has come and gone
      is love really just a meaningless phrase
      tossed around day after day
      I was sitting here waiting in my room
      pondering lifes... loves questions
      Chemistry... we were nothing without it.
      It wasn't suppose to be...
      I see that now..
      Maybe I'll get over it
      So this is adios.
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