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Found 50 results

  1. Written by: Koby Date: March 16, 2009 Meaning of the Word Love ------------------------------------- I look over at you I see nothing but a shadow of what we once were I never understood how we could let this happen from the moment that we met there was stars in your eyes we were perfect for each other forget all the cliches throw them out the window what we had was true true love, or so we had thought looking back, we must have been really naive that kind of love could never exist it was straight out of a fairy tale we were foolish, naive, to ever think it would last what is love for that matter it seems it's just a meaningless word... can it really not mean a thing all the time we spent together I'm looking back... I can no longer see except for a pitch black shadow it seems to be looming over me it's like death knocking on my door I can't continue to exist I can't be with you but I can't live without you We were never meant to be together but I've fallen for you That time has come and gone is love really just a meaningless phrase tossed around day after day I was sitting here waiting in my room pondering lifes... loves questions Chemistry... we were nothing without it. It wasn't suppose to be... I see that now.. Maybe I'll get over it So this is adios.
  2. I don't remember when I wrote this, seems I didn't date it, but here's another poem from my teenage years. Eternal Hell ------------------------------------- Eh what the hell it would seem I can never live a normal live Everyone just keeps causing too much chaos I wont be able to live much longer Every time I think god is with me They rip the thought right from my mind to the point that I think that I'm a disgrace I wish I wasn't here in this hell of all hells I feel like one day I'm just gonna go off explode, and release all that I hold the anger, the sadness, everything that they have caused me I finally found someone who cared Now I never will know if I will see that someone again How can I ever forgive them... I don't think I could give them another chance I wouldn't be able to listen to another one of their lies Sometimes I wish I could just grow up and be gone Never wanting or having to look back No regrets, it would be my happiest day of my life I already gave up the idea, of there being a heaven or even a god for that matter If there was he should have killed me put me outta my misery a long time ago Cause I could never live a normal life outside of this hell
  3. I don't remember when I wrote this, seems I didn't date it, but here's another poem from my teenage years. Who Am I? ----------------------------------------------------------- What shall I be? My past is clouded, A mystery. Who am I, Without a memory, Faded and gone, Throughout the century. Who am I, What is my destiny? Who was I? And who shall I be? What is the mark, I'll leave on history? What was it in the past, And now, what will it be? So many asked questions, But with no reply. Now the past and future, a knot will tie. What has happened, Will be again. How can I be prepared? And what will I do then?
  4. I don't remember when I wrote this, seems I didn't date it, but here's another poem from my teenage years. Turn For the Worst ----------------------------------------------------------- What cause's everything to go wrong I just cant seem to remember to remember when things took a turn a turn for the worst What is it within me that makes me so angry I can't even seem to do anything right It just brings me back to reality life isnt fair, life isnt always perfect I find myself at a fork in the road Will I make another mistake take the wrong road once more I dont think I could survive another failure I begin to take a road but reconsider I find myself answering my own questions Every time I think I have everything just right It all seems to come crashing down What is wrong with me is this some kind of curse I am sick, I am tired.. of living in this eternal hell The nightmares of doing another wrong They just wont stop I find myself at another dead end another wrong turn I have taken a turn for the worst once more.
  5. I don't remember when I wrote this, seems I didn't date it, but here's another poem from my teenage years. In A Place I Don't Belong ----------------------------------------------------------- In a place where i don't belong is where i happen to have been the past and future they only exist in this one place the place I don't belong in the days of sadness where will i be lost and alone In a place where I don't belong tears begin to fall as I realize I'm an empty vessel created to only exist in a place I don't belong how do I prove I exist maybe I don't the past and future In a place I don't belong.
  6. I don't remember when I wrote this, seems I didn't date it, but here's another poem from my teenage years. I Want to Hold You ----------------------------------------------------------- I want to hold you but when I come to I realize its just a dream how could I find you when I cant even find myself I'm lost, I'm blind, and yet I see a thousand words come to mind yet i don't have the courage to say them I wish I could I want to hold you, but how could I I don't even exist you don't know who I am I am a loner lost in loves sight Your perfect I'm just a hideous creature I dream about you while you dream about another its hopeless we shall never meet and yet i cry, I miss the one I never met I want to hold you In my arms but its just a dream I'm lost in a fantasy a fantasy I created your not real that's what makes you perfect I'm just a geek, floating down loves creek I'm lost, and blind, and all alone.
  7. This is somewhat a poem and somewhat just crap I was thinking about and decided to write down.. O.o Have no idea why.. Anyhow it was written July 23, 2005. ------------------------ I walk alone no one to hear me crying a tear falls from my eyes I continue to walk this road so many wrong turns what will my next mistake be? I am sorry I'm not perfect as I take the wrong road again don't seem to learn from my mistakes never seem to do whats right I am a screw up an idiot I'm sorry I'm not perfect I must say goodbye as I walk this road alone
  8. Written by: Koby Date: December 23, 2008 (Note: First poem I wrote in like 2 or 3 years) Live Before I Die ------------------------------------- Life just seems to fly by days, weeks, even years It seems to just be skipping past Will I ever live before I die? That question keeps coming to mind No answer, nothing, time just goes on Another day, another week, another year I'm in a glass cage, watching the years go by When I'm gone, I wont be missed Nothing left behind to remind others of me I'm a nothing, I had no life It skipped right past me, and I watched it Seems only yesterday I was 15, Now I'm 19 wondering where the years have gone Life just seems to fly by days, weeks, even years It seems to just be skipping past Will I ever live before I die?
  9. I figured I may as well post this one here. I have posted all my past poems here. All I see people post now days though is stories involving forum members. This section is more than just stories and being the last poem I wrote, I thought what the heck? So here it is. The title is kind of corny thinking back on everything. Everlasting Love? Is there really such a thing? I use to believe so, but it seems like every day we drift further apart.
  10. First off, not mine! this was made be SonicVelocity on DeviantArt. it was so good, i had to post it here for all to see! An abandoned prince in a land with no name A lost friend whose fate is the same An immortal woman who holds the key To defy the power of the Holy Decree An organization of terrorists and traitors shall rise And retake their country before their emperor's eyes The Black Knights shall become the hope for the land Controlled by a boy with the world in his hands Because the power of Geass, he has obtained And with the name of Zero, they shall think him insane But his strategies are perfect, his tactics precise Even the Knight of One, cannot escape his vise When the battle is lost, they shall look in his eye As he says "I am Lelouch Vi Britannia, and I command you to die!"
  11. AxelVIII


    Not even sure if this goes here, but oh well. I look around me and all I see is Darkness, And yet I am unafraid, The Darkness has always protected me, Above me, a shining full moon as calming and relaxing as the waves of the ocean hitting the shore, Off in the distance I hear the raging voices of those who wish my demise, My past lives, The only ones the Darkness is unable to protect me from. I run and I run as fast as I can to no avail, The voices keep closing their distance to me, A dead end... I am trapped, Fear runs through my heart, body, and soul. The voices close in to a dangerous distance, And suddenly I hear a familiar sound, Wolves, The howling of my guardians makes me feel safer than I was, And as I turn to face my attackers, I find someone in my way, My shadow, My only friend has bore arms against those who wish to harm me. And seeing him like that lets me know I have nothing to worry about now.
  12. I just threw a poem together on a whim, I was bored and feeling lazy so I wrote one about laziness. It should be read like a slam poem. Anyways, here you go! Forsooth! A steadily sleeping someone seen as sluggish by society. Their system of self-stimulus steadily failing to successfully serve, slacking sorrowfully as they sprawl. This sight, a swelling style among the stages of lifespan, is snowballing significantly through the statuses of society. Since the spread of simplistic surviving, sloth stands and snatches the susceptible youth so sleeping sears the serenity of exercise. Still, several standards can save the sound souls of self, so start the séance and sacrifice slowness shorn of sadness. Supremely, self-stimulus must shock the surprised sloth away using a salmagundi of sanctioned specialties and sports. Secondly, a selection of substitutes must supplement to sustain steadfast struggle versus sleepiness. Someone setting their sights on spirited strain will switch from supine to super. Solely a saturation of synergy can set a sentience to sophistication and success.
  13. A horror presented We observe the scene An impossible premise On which corpses lean A group torn apart With intentions unknown To build a story Shocking when shown An arrangement of minds Too common to compare That bring human tragedy With no message to share Underneath what we know A deeper meaning resides Intentional manipulation Of people abides With pretense of killing People may gather Upon what one says Or what they do, rather Entwined into illusions They gather to feast To bring about death Or their manufactured beast Upon a spree insane They now rest coldly Substitution for others Their message, boldly What cult to construct A leader's deceit Going in for murder With views elite Now lying in suicide The two groups depart All but the one Responsible for this art We will not see But only observe The story of massacre Thus will unnerve
  14. Translucent garments are dragged by a devious hand A face undergoes debridement, heaven’s therapy for the impure soldiers A song of torment removes me from mother’s bosom. The soulless jury stands above the cradle, unaffected by my hungry cries Relying on guilty principles, I am enslaved by the fall of man The basin overflows with dark water and vines of blood and tears of sadness bring me to hell. Obligated to serve an angelic doctor, I extract the patient’s blasphemy with a silver needle Immortal words are spoken through the lining of this white mask Call out to the young children by breaking open the fountains of ooze and decay. The sprouting of thorns brings leviathan closer to the rippling surface, Shredding the malleable walls of clay with its infernal vertebrae A superficial sky wavers, purifying the damned with a bounty of fire. Unsealed with the end of a shrieking melody, the white maidens crawl out of their temples Hideous deities in the shape of virgins and sirens, They vomit legions of parasites with an upheaval of internal combustion. The breaking of bones makes them drowsy and incoherent, My sword of flesh and sin is unsheathes, rusty in this arena bathed in moonlight The temples release their crawling infants, melancholic minions without love from their creator.
  15. Walking through a derelict passageway, A charred arm reaches out for my worm eaten cloak, Slithering against crumbling walls with paranoia it foretells an ancient prophecy The gorgon's eye was held together by sacred threads of absolution. Mythical tales created for self-satisfaction break the ideals humanity falls back on, Cursed snakes touch my sleeping face in this malignant night of rapture A petrified mannequin awakens from a dark lullaby with one eye still closed. An imperial collection of souls trapped within a mirror of bitter sealing, Your kind will be the first to know what the devil is missing The corpse waits in the furnace,coveting my cold embrace. Idolatry falls on your spiritual entities, covering them will petals of arrogance Take over their sleeping statues until they bow down in penance. Like wandering lambs in a field of innocent roses, You stumble upon a terrifying ordeal Blinded by a mass of writhing appendages, the walls of clay cover your pale skin. Your heart's deepest desires are bared for all to see Slumber in my dominion for eternity in a shell of carved stone The snake woman engorges itself on the next man's avarice. These pleasurable gears drive humanity into a boiling fever Creating insane hallucinations, My appearance was never meant to create unwanted animosity With a flap of these dragon-like wings a galore of men Striving beyond their limits to ruin their lives. Clearly this satiating attempt to create a ghostly game is fatal Out of your disillusioned remains I rip out my soul, The epitome of spite fails to cultivate any venom in my white layered eyes Wear a filthy bridal gown in order to swim without purpose in a sea of black eels.
  16. Reigning her treacherous heart with a maelstrom of supreme chaos Lead us out of this senseless kingdom with a handful of wilted roses. Soak our disintegrating arms in a rusty cauldron of our boiling love My rendezvous with her left my heart feeling swollen with congealed blood. Charming this empress with a sanguinary and innocent tongue The morning dew still clings to this atrocious fantasy. A night of darkness mixed with the uncertainty of a consuming fire Melting tissues together in a coronation of two fornicators. Her closest servant misses her red cloak so he descends into the noisy Gehenna A skillful instrument thrust into the slimy gateway, Your eyes treat me like livestock trapped in a perversion of white snow. In the painful rays of light we meet like century year old strangers Even still I will gnaw my way through the drooling maze of desire. Staring down into your incarceration of swirling sulfur, I will victimize every lost soul that intoxicates itself with your evil, My endless declaration is my weapon now in this hurting facade. Physical melancholy is nothing when compared to the moment of your imminent departure Your nails expose my skinned membrane as I explode into combustion.
  17. Exclude this requiem from the reckless Pied Piper Light the flame which sounds the commencement of a hungry sacrifice, Swing the sharp pendulum until this trance renders your visage unsafe. Tying up the loose ends in a paradox of insanity and lies The hurting sensations have arrived to complete their final task, Divine dominion housed my resurrection until it becomes my salvation. Trapping innocent children under the womb of a subtle melody My spirit ceases to sleep when it comes into contact with your weak mind, Ancient naturalism imitates my magic, embrace your mother one last time. Feast your eyes upon this grotesque dance Obey like a pale monkey that has been stabbed with a hundred fabled strings, Misery is eaten as if it were dreaming in the death throes of ecstasy. The quiet mortuary awakens with the sound of my grating tongue The silence of hell has been broken within a parade of animals, Communicate with your master as the trembling earth swallows you whole. Your true nature achieves a perfect pinnacle absent of all reason, Unleash your song in a locked circle of stiff arms Powering up the slave with the first melody of creation. These bells dangling from my sick blade take all those who deny their stained robes, Remorse is no longer a luxury you can afford to struggle with Raising the dead in their weakened state, sleep is only meant for those who pray. Taking over such a complex chemistry with my ravaged instrument You no longer look confused as you lower your head into the dirty well Your loved ones have fallen under a spell that is worse than witchcraft.
  18. A little information. These are poems I wrote my senior year of high school, before I joined the military and my mind and will to live slowly started to rot. I never titled these, so I am going to give them ridiculous titles. This is not the full collection of poems I submitted to that class, because I didn't start typing them until later. Some are just lost forever. Constructive criticism is welcome, but I honestly cannot say whether I will pick up poetry ever again. These poems were not edited. Maybe when I regain my will to live will I delve into my love of language and manipulation of words. If you have learnt anything about me based on my posts, then you will be correct in anticipating some of these being long. Also, I would like to reiterate these were written years ago. I am not, for better or for worse, still a high school senior. Please don't steal my poems, for I like them and it would make all sad and things. --- This is a poem about a lime. No adjectives, prepositions, or adverbs. Everyone whined about the assignment being too hard, so I went all Asian on them and got a 500%. Because I can, that's why. This is my second favourite poem. --- THE LIME The lime sits, and its flavour we await. Confectionaries relinquished, We desiderate its astringency, Potency that revivifies. Comfits and confits—superfluity, Flooding, overpowering senses With sugar and chemicals—limes renew, Have propensity to strengthen. Acridity, piquancy we yearn for, A taste to electrify us, To sting our mouths and bring tears to our eyes, Remind us of reality’s rancour. We scrutinise the lime, its complexion, The fruit we neglect for its bite, The brackishness, tartness it possesses. A taste we covet and deny. --- This was the first poem I wrote for this class. It is about a woman. --- DULCET Oh, dulcet voice of hers-- It leads all men astray. And when they fall to her, They fall within the day. And fall to her they must-- Soft eyes, red lips, warm hands... One kiss is all they ask-- A love so sweet--unplanned. Against this spry, young lass, My wife--she stands no chance. Dear wife--I love her well... But youth! A new romance! For years, my troths I kept; Never was I untrue. Temptation mocks me now! Whatever shall I do? Were I again her age-- Oh, dulcet voice of hers! I pine--I long--I yearn! My wife... at last, a blur. --- This is an ode to winter. It is comprised of four sonnets with a rhyme scheme of my choice. You will be amazed when you discover what it is. This is my favourite poem. --- ODE TO WINTER The broken dreams--the shattered souls all weep, All search for respite, freedom from distress. Their cries, they fall upon aloof deaf ears. Their blood, it spills ignored around blind eyes. Homogenised to be as one, as none, And her soul, his soul, your soul--each the same, All tattered, every one destroyed by pain. Oh, dare to dream of purity maintained-- The snow, it falls! The flakes abate their shame. So bright and clear--catharsis has begun. So cool and crisp, this succour. Hear their sighs! Their breath released as winter frore appeared. When silence drifts serene with peace express, Oh, broken dreams restored for now in sleep. A cowl upon the town, a gelid shield, An aegis, thick with frost and pallid snow-- The piles collect, creating mountains tall That clear a troubled mind and cloak the earth. A moment left to think, a moment dear, Reflect and feel the sting of life so cruel, Of truths that pierce, with subtlety forgone. A chance to cogitate, to be withdrawn, And see it markedly, depraved men's rule. As curtains close and blankets, drawn so near, Begin to warm, and air is dense with mirth, The world outside has froze. Through trees, fresh squalls That faze the weak alone with naught but woe, For Boreas will rage upon the field. The doors will close and lock away the chills, Occlude the bitter maw of wind so keen; So closer pull your love to you--and breathe. The gentle flames do flicker--light will dim, The sun will set. But lingering always, You feel her warmth--the world, for now, it fades. Your troubled heart's discord forgotten soon. Outside, the clouds of snow obscure the moon And dusky lamps are lit--oh, what charades! A light so pure cannot be matched by grey, By beacons tarnished, lamps without its vim. And tucked away, you fail to see storms seethe, The moon demure--you only see her mien. A kiss. A tender flake. The wind is still. As snow continues fluttering around And set'ling on their heads, their hair, their clothes, They gaze upon the flawless fields of white. A moment brief and hope returns to them. Their souls are filled, their frigid hearts do melt, And plaintive cries are heard, the blood is seen-- Oh, stains that ruin, haunting ever more! They come together, proving kind rapport, And splendid stars illume, a soft pale sheen. And men, who, once before, alone had dwelt In homes austere, and there contempt had stemmed. But here, among the frost, a pleasant sight, A blissful harmony. Their hatred slows, For winter's earnest clemency is found. --- SPOILER. This poem is about a murder. --- THE WALK We all have our desires, ideals, dreams-- Something we hold dear, hold in great esteem. Don't you think that way, that there's more to life, Laden though it be with hatred and strife? When you hear her laugh, does your heart not fill? When you see her smile, feel you fulfilled? You seem to hold much in your mind, so come. We'll walk until you speak--riant, not numb. I often wonder about things beyond, About things that, to our cries, don't respond. Things so perfect, mirthful, so devoted To rules celestial, which once before floated In the minds of men, and kept them honest, Kept them faithful to love, helped men persist In adversity. These things, out of reach... But so often of them I do beseech, Seeking meaning, a guide through quandaries-- Such a thing I frequently need, you see-- And the pith to best beguilements untold. Look upon the ocean--the sun burns gold. The setting sun does set at ease my mind, But think you not that most men be unkind? You know her smile is very sweet indeed. Were all as gentle as her, you'd agree, There'd be no deceit, no philandering, Hollow violence be not recurring. To have a woman like her, so patient... You know, men like you I do not resent. Walk down the pier--together we shall dredge. That won't do at all--stand close to the edge... --- This is... a poem. About education. --- SLOVEN MINDS Wealth of knowledge resting soundless, Hidden low beneath the welkin— Empyreal wisdom therein. Inculcation regulated, Governed anxiously by man’s law. Teachers—just as students be—flawed, Ignorant of chasms, hollows, Rifts obscured by brightness exhaled, Personal endowments, strengths frail. Cloak from youth the stars so numbered— Youth will see the facts divulged so, Fail to seek beyond—the skies flow, Mountains shiver, oceans surging. Yet their minds are closed, their eyes dim, Knowledge out of reach—oh, such whim, Downcast eyes espy but little, Choosing silence, minds so clouded, Brittle, tempered sloven, shrouded, Voices mute, opine but never. Sacrifice—the heart is mindless. --- This is a silly poem that had different requirements for each line. It doesn't make sense. The Latin translates to "When you speak, you think of others; in your mind, I am not first--I will never be first." --- ADIMPLEATED POT A new life is a blank notebook, waiting to be filled with your experiences. My life ran away, currently living now with the staples of love. Dolphins leap about, gossiping in high pitched tones, crashing into the ocean. The Red Tide sets in and strangles your nostrils with its pungency. As you look up, mouth gaping, a seagull passes by, And drops a clawful of fish eyes into your mouth. Beneath the pine tree, you run your hand through the cool sand, Letting it drop, grain by grain. The sun, momentarily obscured by clouds, sits low on the horizon, Pink and tangerine, a sky lemonade. The crashing of the waves leaves a bitter taste, Like the sight of her voice makes my teeth scream. Caffeine at hand, Jeff terrorises Alberta with an army— A formidable, horrifying army of chainsaw-wielding robots, no taller than a cat. It was actually quite easy to kick them aside and they were kind of cute— In a dangerous way. A hidden crack in the coffee pot quietly releases its contents, Until there’s nothing left but dregs, never again adimpleated. The crack was there, you see, for Martha had recently torn her pantyhose, And she had cried, “Are you insinuating I have the soul of a clam?” The phantasmal arms of procrastination loop around us all, Bitter caresses tracing across us, deceptive sweet nothings in our ears. Wading through life, drenched as the Gobi, frigid as the Sahara, Martha plucked a cloud from the sky and rode upon it across the globe, Flying high into space, touching the moon with a delicate finger, So as not to upset its orbit around Earth. Poor Clarence, poor Bunny—what was she to do, so unhappy and earthbound? Stars will fall from the air, no longer will the night sky sparkle and glimmer, The heavenly bodies will descend to Earth, Dark flames, leisurely burning, draped around their middles. The true worth of a tissue is its ability to withstand the forces of a waterfall. Ubi loqueris de alia cogitas; in tuo animo non prima sum--numquam prima ero. Clothing stretches, sighing as it contemplates another day of braving the weather. A blank notebook rests upon the shelf, waiting, waiting for the pen to click. --- This was part of a class project in which everyone's poems all tied into a single story. It is kind of dumb. --- THE PHYSICIST There was that letter about the four of them, And she told me all she could After confessing her lack of blood ties. It’s hard to care when I don’t know them, Hardly know their faces or their voices. Wish I could say I’m maladjusted, That not knowing whose child I am Tears me up inside and makes my heart ache— All the same, I carry on. Aspasia and Geraldina may be off in the Amazon, Reclining in their trees, And Camilla may be out on the ring, Knocking out some teeth, But my place is here, staring down, Forever down at tiny building blocks Built from miniscule strings, Vibrating in beat to a cosmic melody, Resonating across the galaxy, Reaching through space, Wrapping the infinite, unifying and elegant— That my spirit vibrates in unison with his, A silent harmony with the universe’s song, My essence in tune with its voice. Radioactivity, fission, and fusion, Bombs and black holes Pacemakers and energy, My life devoted be to these small items, Neither evil nor good, merely existing— Potential be not reality. --- This is about cherry blossoms. I used to live in Japan. --- BLOSSOMS I was but a child when they fell last— Now sixty long years have since passed And still I remember how they look, How, in the breeze, so slightly they shook, The way it made the sky look ablush. Days would pass and, at last, a hush— Blossoms dying would descend, Oh, the gaiety it would portend! Made of petals toothsome confection, Procured as fresh—‘t’was perfection— And garments silken they would wear, No false guise, rapport beyond compare, Celebration of a life brief ‘til the coming year. Days to weeks, weeks to months, again drew near, And still the trees were bare, nary a blossom seen, We waited patiently and a year turned to fifteen, Fifteen to thirty, now forgotten by the youth, Cherry blossoms regarded as less than truth, Simply a fact, images in books, flat and bland. Nature’s beauty they’ll never understand, Wrapped up in a world murky and brassy, Mechanical and carnal, their eyes glassy. Though the cherry blossom’s descent May be lost upon you—oh, my lament— Imagine them flutter to the ground, As gusts of wind whirl them around, And the air feels crisp, not draining, Light—not heavy, mind constraining. Even the comfits, so typically leadening, Would be invigorating, not deadening. Sixty years since the festival prior, And the memory’s lost in history’s mire. How young I was, how fatuous, Ingratitude—how deleterious. --- I don't know what this pretentious poem is or what the assignment was. I think I had just read Brave New World and I was all angst and rage. --- UTOPIA Assertions that perfection is found within luxury, Within ease, within slovenly behaviours that corrupt, That appeal to naught but base desire, wants ignoble— How quick we are to relinquish our dreams, our duties all, And so justify it with rationale nihilistic, Neglecting responsibilities in favour of sport. A life void of meaning, of passionate sacrifices, All in the name of entertainment, simplicity skewed. Oh, to minify the importance of self-denial In order to realize a treasured dream well-hidden, Lost beneath the weight of banalities so forced on all, Forced by society driven mad by puerility. To whom would we look without the minds of others illumed, Serving as beacons, as paragons to aspire to? Without manifold opera of authors inspired; Without honeyed melody of songstresses blesséd so; Without chemists toiling away on beakers abundant; Without athletes swift of foot, endowed with pith astounding; No utopia worth its salt would be without these all, No sane man would dare imagine an absence of them all. A fantasy world functions best in imagination, Lying deep within subconscious, brought to light infrequent. The chemist is bewildered in the dreams of the songstress, The author feels amiss in the world of the star athlete. Their ambitions, though separate be, are united here, And across the globe, accolades are spread by all for each. For all, there is to praise a hero, nearly deified— Yet for all, the hero is not the same, if any be. Riddle me this, tell me true—be there a utopia, A world immaculate that you can imagine just so, That accommodates individuality, thoughts, dreams— None of which be yours to hold, to achieve—but hers and his? Put aside your self-seeking thoughts, and for once, see the world— See it as it is, and the people who tread upon it. The civilisations built and collapsed, dreamed and founded; The people born and dead, the legacies they spread and share; The emotions that ran high, tears that flowed, blood that had spilled. Days of old never to be lived again, just as it was, With people of yore, just as they were before they had passed. Think only of yourself, imagine a world for yourself, And you exclude a wealth of insight for your amusement. To forfeit history, eccentricity and qualities unique for ease— Teeming knowledge and wisdom bountiful is lost on you, Should you so feel that these are worth absolute surrender, To attain the world you feel is worth so much more than this. --- This is another poem based on a project. We had to create a hundred flash cards with different categories of words on them ("fifteen verbs", "ten verbs for walking", whatever). And then we were told we had to create a poem using those words. --- HONEYED WHISPER Stroll into the tenebrous— Lurid soul thus stalk, Otherworldly voice wailing so, Echoing cacophony—discordant, grating. Putrid air, foetid corpse, Decaying wall, shrill crescendo. Dilapidated floor gives way— Fall, fall!—far gone. Flames rhythmic, pungent smoke, Morality faded, confession forgotten. Pulsation entrancing, body obfuscated, Ethereal—saunter on, on. Trapped within and tense, Upon these lips—ambrosia. Honeyed whisper, heavenly deceit— Vile trace, solitude indulgent— Traded away your intimacy For a taste luxurious. Chains drop—oh, wander, Wander down the hall, Hair albescent, skin taut, Sweat dripping, eyes wide— Vivid light flows in. Blood filled puddle glimmering, Rancid and salty, uneasy. Circle ‘round the room, Just try to escape. Bone pulverised and pain, Pain redolent of—Pith! Pith! Drag yourself up; Oh, pull yourself together. Explore this no longer, Musty underworld, stately Hell. Bitter fruit leaking juice, Delicate seed slither down. Perfumed flower beckoned so, Pulchritudinous, symmetrical in shape— Dash away—oh, flee, Linger no more, sweet. Drag yourself up here, Away from the tenebrous. Breathe the balmy air, Harmonious song—majestic, exquisite. Luscious trees, gentle sun— Fruit no longer astringent— Oh, but savoury, sumptuous! Tiny seed, flesh sweet— Peppery leaf flutter down, Aromatic, sensitive and fractured— Flutter to your feet, No longer fragrant—vile! Shattered! What is wrought? Fruit be saccharine, syrupy— Dulcet song become strident, Trees burn away, odoriferous, Bearing scent acrid, overwhelming. Staunch entitlement—cursed seed… Seed! Cost your life, Palatable seed—lacklustre seed! Body tense, mind impervious— Heart severed, melodious sob. Balance restored—identical seed! Ambulate away—perambulate away, No goal in sight— Oh, fate—but inflexible. --- This is a sonnet or something about how awesome I am. --- SUNDRY MORALS Your behaviour—crude and careless. Think you not of your ascension? Rise above inane contention— Stray from dangers true of excess, Strive to live as not an abscess. Leeching, stealing—both declensions; Faith and honour—twain preventions. Modesty is truly progress. Foolish youth, your soul be leaden, Crushed beneath all sundry falsehoods— Hatred, envy always fester. Morals lost and conscience deadened, Granted by you there is one good: As it seems, you are a jester. --- And now for something completely different! This was written when I was fourteen. It is a work of art. Art, I say. --- NIGHT OF SIN Writhing in pain —Or was it pleasure? It was nothing I could dare measure— On the silk on which I had lain Your cool skin, moist with sweat, Feeling you in me— So hard to believe I’m with enemy— I’m caught up in your wicked net Screaming, moaning, clutching the sheets— A single night of sin— Oh, how it caused such a din— Our voices never as loud as the heat I want the war to be over— I now surrender to you my self A night of shame for wealth A night of shame for her
  19. I'm the bane of your existence the pain that keeps insistin the only reason you remain is cuz I gave your ass permission with dope flows and precision I choke hold'em to submission so you marauders and u robbers need to quit being retarded regardless where your heart is my lyrics hit the hardest.
  20. Oh external hard drive I want to make you jive All glossy and dark black Extra space I'll never lack Now flash green light at the top For I want to watch Cowboy Bebop
  21. ----- Just the other day I had something to say My chest pounded uncontrollably As the words came out so unexpectedly You make me laugh but never cry Time always seems to fly when your online I never thought I'd have feelings For someone so far away But the distance between us is to great We don't have to be soul mates We'll be friends forever So lets fist-bump it up together I'm not sad and I'm not cryin' Cause together we ain't dyin' We'll be friends till the end We'll be friends till the end (end end eh eh eh) Friends till the end (end end eh eh eh) Friends till the end (end end eh eh eh) Friends till the end (end end eh eh eh eh eh-eh) I didn't expect for a moment you'd share the same I was prepared to take the blame In the internet it is so easy to hide You didn't see my guide Some people can do this, some can't Just layin' it out flat Meeting up in real life someday Finding out the way But the distance between us is to great We don't have to be soul mates We'll be friends forever So lets fist-bump it up together I'm not sad and I'm not cryin' Cause together we ain't dyin' We'll be friends till the end (end end eh eh eh) Friends till the end (end end eh eh eh) Friends till the end (end end eh eh eh) Friends till the end (end end eh eh eh eh eh-eh) So lets game on Start the computer up Won We'll win together We'll never falter I'll be your friend through it all I may have feelings but that wont brake my fall because.... The distance between us may be to great We don't have to be soul mates We'll be friends forever So lets fist-bump it up together I'm not sad and I'm not cryin' Cause together we ain't dyin' We'll be friends till the end (end end eh eh eh) Friends till the end (end end eh eh eh) Friends till the end (end end eh eh eh) Friends till the end (end end eh eh eh eh eh-eh) Together we're friends until the end Believe me when I say I'll never pretend Never (never) Pretend (never) Never (pretend) I'll never pretend. ----- Dedicated to an online friend of mine. Parody song of SClOITk5LmY
  22. Okay I get bored and start rapping in my head, then I'll give the words to characters and then it turns into a rap battle in my mind. I'll be making a few and editing them since I type them down as much as I can remember; but a lot of the words get lost in the flow. Description: Fictional Rap battles are new to me, since I've started, just Raps between two fictional characters. I would have made several individual threads with voting options, but people can just say who they think was better. Edward vs Dracula: 1st project Dracula: Velcome to your nightmare, cause I'm the king of fear, if you wanna battle me, then prepare to disappear... Edward: Your accent is horrible just like your acting, you've died in so many movies, even Bela Lugosi is laughing. You call yourself a king, but you sound like a tool, I'm the best vampire actor I even went to a wizards schools. Dracula: I heard it from my buddy, you wont speak his name, its Lord Voldemort, and he put you in a grave. If my acting is bad, then lemme recap yours... you have bedazzled skin and chase stanky whores... Edward: Voldemort is dead and soon you will be too, I'll stab you full stakes and treat you like a jew, I'm the hottest vampire around and sparkle like the sun, your reign as king is setting, cause I'm Breaking Dawn. Dracula: Stab me all you want, it wont keep me down, I'm the king of vampires sonny, and you'll never claim my crown. I've fought the Wolf-man and Frankenstein, I've met with doctor Jeckle and mister Hyde, even the Mummy couldn't believe that I'm still alive!! Call them if you want and Hellsing too, I'll keep coming back son just like the dawn will set on you. Edward: .... NOTE: Working on Rap battles between... (Goku/Superman) (Jacob/Wolfman) (Harry Potter/Merlin) Also if anyone else has made up a few rap battles of their own it would be cool if you post it here, thanks! EDIT: I will also be collecting other Fictional Rap battles other people make and post them here.
  23. Kametsu Have you heard? About the place? The place for word like Two Face Yeah that site Made by Koby? Yeah, that's right Its the best place to be So you know do you? Iki, Mae, Rune, Oby To name just a few Of the amazing people that you'll meet In the chatbox, Who you'll greet, Every hour of everday You don't even have to pay To talk and to download anime. I deeply thank King Koby For allowing our community To be The greatest thing, Since DBZ. Though my stay may be short, Though I may forget All its taught I'll never lose the feeling Of unity And the relationships that will last For all eternity. Fun, exciting, lots to do, Oh what a wonderful place Is Kametsu RazorDan
  24. again didn't see the thread like this but oh well. delete if there is a thread but tags didnt match my search. latley my story pen has been un-used my friends are all making songs while i record my thoughts. i've been turning what i see in to poetry pretty much but sometimes i'll spin them to be songs. so if you've got a song then post here cause i think its awesome to see what songs average folks like me can create. like this... ""why are all my people so inspired by their desires, it isnt right but it isnt wrong, so why are they all chasing what they wont have for long, items held in greedy hands will never hold anything beautiful, how can this be so bad, you only want the next new thing, but you will have to let go of what you worked for, youve only got 2 hands and nothing to reach for, minds so blind and it makes me sick, you all suffer form your wants you dont know what you need, this world just wont last, use what you know and not what you buy, lifes so short dont spend it wanting more then whats to offer, or you'll be screaming for nothing. and nothing is a gift dont mistake it, my love has become nothing and its for you."" kinda old but yeah thats what i wrote. i don't always finish what i write, i kinda leave them without an end but its something. anyone else?
  25. Updated Content: Meander (pg1) Vacant Buildings (pg 1) Covet (pg 1) In Passing(pg 1) Prose (noun)- the ordinary form of spoken or written language, without metrical structure, as distinguished from poetry or verse. Poetry (noun)-(1) prose with poetic qualities. (2) the art of rhythmical composition, written or spoken, for exciting pleasure by beautiful, imaginative, or elevated thoughts. Where Her Loyalty Lies- a name I often use to associate with my art work, it use to be the title of my poetry blog that I have cleared away for personal reasons. I really love the name and title "Where Her Loyalty Lies" and I ALWAYS associate it with my art. Art never lies, it never hurts and it inspires and revives, it makes you come alive! So my loyalty will always remain true to my art, Be it drawing,painting or writing. I don't claim to be good at any of these things though others have told me I am. Anyhow, I wanted to give fair warning that if you are looking for rhyming poems you might sometimes find them here but a lot of my poetry is non linear and can be considered prose as it is not always flowing with rhythmic measures but it always is strung together. Also would like to give fair warning that a lot of my work tends to be sensual but never pornographic, so if you do not understand something or take offense I am very sorry but do remember that these are my words, and they mean something to me, I am just sharing. This will be a mix of old poetry & prose and new ones I have written and have yet to write. Comments are always welcome , I'd love to hear how you might have analyzed something I've written. It's always wonderful and fascinating to see how someone interprets what I am saying in their own words and if they have felt the same. I will keep updates on this post at the very top of the post so you won't get lost in pages (though I am not sure there will be many pages as I've had a bit of writers block and I don't seem to reply so often ,but if you make an effort I will too) Thanks for reading!
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