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Reana Mckanthur

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I've never been on an anime fourm before. So this is a newish experiance for me *laughs* I'm Reana and mostly I join fourms based around books i've read Wheel of Time being the biggest one *laughs* Anyway i'm looking forward to looking around here and getting to know people. So hi all ummm i'll answer anything else you want to know *laughs*

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Code Geass and Bleach are the ones I like that everyone seems to know about *laughs* I love Marsday Break, Last Exile, and Gun X Sword but few have heard of that.

I intended to stay around but I saw the posts about the closing of the fourm :(

It's only closing if activity remains as low as it has been.. but after sending out the email several people have been posting quite a bit.. If it keeps up we will remain open. It's hard to believe we use to be a 2,000+ member, 250,000+ posts forum that got over 1,300+ new posts a day.. but meh times change.. lol.

So please do stick around. xD

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