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Tada Ima


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Well don't see anyone much but hello guys. Decided to come back for god knows how long. Um probably most people know me as FH_DA or whatever that was ages ago. Yeah so while I was away, I was learning another language because I'm just so opt for languages as people normally tell me. Officially dislike my journalism class and above all, looking forward to my mandarin classes. School didn't start just yet... still waiting for the ticking bomb to set off. Ciao and yeah I hope I can be active again ^^

Oh also I am learning graphic arts or already finished a year, so I'm taking a break. I enjoy to experiment in photoshop so I'm proud to say I make everything with my own ability. Well yeah :P just pm if you want to chat more. I could talk all day but I doubt you know how to speak all day :P {corny joke sorry}

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