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Nero D. Ace

A Compiled list of Filler Episodes!

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15 hours ago, zero.one said:

fillers add a background for major and minor characters.

In most cases they do not. Fillers often change character personalities and introduce plotholes. And since they're filler, you know they have to reset everything back to how it was before a filler arc began so that it'd line up with the canon, thus it removes all suspension because you know there will be no consequence involved: all characters will end up okay, no new developments made, no new transformations, no new attacks, etc... and in the odd event they do anything of this, they'll suddenly have amnesia by acting like none of it ever took place once canon returns. Or worse, they'll let the filler affect the canon such as in the case of Bleach or Twin Star Exorcist where filler characters hung around in canon episodes and served no purpose other than fanservice.


In the end, most filler serves no purpose besides padding time to give the manga time to have more material to adapt. The alternatives being to stop the anime and wait, do seasons every so often, or delay doing an anime till the manga is over. Which is a lot of the reason long-running shows often aren't done anymore outside of shounen. They'd rather do a season a year and have breaks rather than make 60% of the anime just padded filler episodes. In any event the filler episodes can be skipped entirely and not affect your viewing, in fact it'll usually make the series much more enjoyable if you do skip them.

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