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  1. :confuse::confuse::boss::boss:

    wht do mean u update??

  2. Hi, could I please ask for an update on Vision of Escaflowne? Thanks :)

  3. I pretty much live off of fanfiction. Guilty. )
  4. Makoto's or Sekai's death from School Days DURRHURR
  5. I totes freaked out when I saw a screenie with Neku in KH 3D. And then I freaked out even more when I saw Joshua/Beat/Rhyme in the trailer.
  6. Loooove Air Gear. The manga's still ongoing, isn't it?
  7. I think I'd be okay with it. I mean I hate how the series ended with a clffy and all.
  8. Ghost Hound. I liked it, thought it was cool... but the ending was a little off.
  9. Point. I thought the concept of turning the zanpakutou into actual characters was interesting though! But I get what you mean. It reminds me of how the first Fullmetal Alchemist anime deviated so much from the manga. At the time I didn't even bother with the manga counterpart, so when Brotherhood came out I went all "NO NO NO EVERYTHING I HAVE EVER KNOWN HAS BEEN A LIE" LOL Then agaaain anime taking a different direction from manga counterparts could be a whole other discussion from just filler arcs...
  10. Best filler arc imo (then again I'm not all that familiar with filler arcs pfft) is Bleach's Zanpakutou Unknown Tales arc. Pretty interesting and I loved how they gave human-like forms to the zanpakutou. XD Lots of filler arcs kinda bore me (Bount arc from Bleach was just irritating), though I agree that some filler eps, like ones from Naruto, are a good break sometimes. 8D
  11. Omg Chaos;Head. I stuck to it through the end in hopes that it would get better, but once I finished it I was like WHAT DID I JUST PUT MYSELF THROUGH OTL
  12. Rental Magica. I got so bored with it that I dropped it after an episode or two. Earl & Fairy. I LOVED the art but the complications with streaming just won me over, and the series was getting kinda boring anyway. Me not finishing a series that i start is a bit of a big deal 'cause I always make it a point to finish the anime that I watch LOL especially when I was still watching via streaming!
  13. I love Kyary XD And there's this other girl group that sounds just like Capsule: Perfume. 8D
  14. Anybody like Asian Kung-fu Generation? 8D Also: BACK-ON Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas (not everybody's cup of tea though, and I can totes understand why some people hate their sound, but anyway) the GazettE Ikimono-gakari L'Arc-en-Ciel Nico Touches the Walls School Food Punishment (I love them!) Tokyo Jihen UVERworld
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