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  1. @Hark0n Thank you so much! Just remembered the font attachments that appear on MKVToolNix - completely went over my head before.
  2. Hey everyone! So I've been messing around with Aegisub (just really really basic stuff, definitely not doing it right). Basically, I extracted a subtitle file from a video source, applied it to another video source - but it doesn't come out right (despite it being the same subtitle file). I'm trying to add OP & ED subtitles to the summary episodes of HxH. I extracted a subtitle file from an episode that does have the OP & ED, but when it's applied to another video source - particular fonts aren't the same. Is there a reason that specific effects/fonts only work if it's attached to the original video source? tl;dr - Same subtitle file, different video source - font comes out different. left image is the font I want
  3. skimpfish

    A Compiled list of Filler Episodes!

    thanks for this!