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      [IMPORTANT] Maintenance Complete   03/17/2018

      Server maintenance is completed! Please read this announcement to get a detailed list of changes made. Also, be sure to report any errors or anomalies to IkarosBD via PM.   Changes made during maintenance: SSL is now handled by the popular OpenSSL library. Previously, it used the GnuTLS library which has had performance issues. Our webserver (Apache) was upgraded to the latest available version. The server now is able to serve content over the HTTP/2 protocol, if supported by your browser. HTTP/2 should help make requests go a bit faster in most cases. The server's request processing module was changed out to a much more robust and quicker one. This was necessary to support HTTP/2.
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      [CRITICAL] DNS resolution error   03/17/2018

      UPDATE: Google's public DNS resolvers initially had problems resolving the kametsu.com domain name after we switched nameservers, so anyone using Google's public resolvers was getting a name resolution error for a while. I have since used Google's tool to flush their public resolver DNS cache for the domain, and their nameservers appear to be successfully resolving the domain again. This will take time to actually start working for everyone using their public DNS, but it at least should be on its way to being fixed. Sorry about that.


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  1. @Hark0n Thank you so much! Just remembered the font attachments that appear on MKVToolNix - completely went over my head before.
  2. Hey everyone! So I've been messing around with Aegisub (just really really basic stuff, definitely not doing it right). Basically, I extracted a subtitle file from a video source, applied it to another video source - but it doesn't come out right (despite it being the same subtitle file). I'm trying to add OP & ED subtitles to the summary episodes of HxH. I extracted a subtitle file from an episode that does have the OP & ED, but when it's applied to another video source - particular fonts aren't the same. Is there a reason that specific effects/fonts only work if it's attached to the original video source? tl;dr - Same subtitle file, different video source - font comes out different. left image is the font I want
  3. A Compiled list of Filler Episodes!

    thanks for this!