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H-Hi *bows*

Yuna Nobody

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I'm new to this forum everyone here seem really cool, and not all stupid like how i know i this one forum but lets not get there...*Bows*

Hello Names Yuna Nobody joined today and posted in a few threds.

I love Final Fantasy and Kingdom hearts

Fav Fantasy- 10-2,4, and 6

Kingdom Hearts COM, 1 & 2

Parasite Eve 1

Mario Series

Drawing,Writing Fan Fics/Stories

Love Cats and Dogs

Sleeping...is my beauty

Favorite Female FF Characters:

Yuna (X-2)

Ashe (XII)

Rinoa (VII)

Favorite Male FF Characters

Kadaj (FFVII AC)

Cait Sith (FFVII)


Squall (FFVIII)

Favorite Kingdom Hearts Characters






I hope to enjoy this fourms *bow again* Thank you

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Hello Yuna Nobody, welcome to Forgotten Memories, and I do hope you enjoy your stay! Currently the place is a bit inactive due to school and work and stuff, so really we appreciate everyone who tries to be active. xD If you have any friends, please invite them as well.

^_^ You can look into my signature to see some of the more popular or at least fun things I recommend on the forum. Haha. Well have fun!

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