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Final Fantasy VIII (8) Discussion

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I liked 8 alot more then, and still do. i still think about the characters, i still love the trppy vibe of the world, the scene where the SEED academy is being invaded makes me want to go replay this again right now. if there were a version with trophies id have litterally no excuses left not to buy again. (i still have my guide somewhere)

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Loved the reveal of the FF8 Remaster, but sadly it looks like they've only updated character models while ignoring the backgrounds.

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"Remaster" just updates character models and blurs the original backgrounds. As a result:


Looks very weird seeing blurry Cid amongst sharp Squall and Quistis


The remaster with updated character models really makes it apparent which characters are actually there and which are just drawn on the background as they remain very low quality and blurred.

But the new models do look much nicer:

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1 hour ago, PhantomKnight said:

Just downloaded my copy of FF8, it will be my first time playing it

I played FF8 quite a bit back on the PS1.


Bought the Remaster on Steam, but I intend to apply some fan mods to improve backgrounds and such once they're out.


I played about 30 minutes of the remaster just to get a feel of how much different it was. Quite a bit of NPCs were apparently just drawn on the backgrounds so they're just a blurry mess. The backgrounds just had a Gaussian blur effect applied to them to get rid of the pixelation and choppiness, but it still looks very choppy in places where the character goes behind a small portion of the background where angles are involved.


Game seemed stable for me though. No crashes or bugs cropped up and the menus, loader, and configuration were all capable of being done with a controller, so controller support has definitely improved over the original Steam release. Also unlike the old one, the Remaster does not require a Square Enix account to play. Also saves from the original can be copied over to the game folder and work fine.

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