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    ...8 was not the worst......not by a long shot > X-2 was the worst by far.im playing FF9 and it is OKAY so far. Not great like you say. so far FF8 > FF9 .
  2. banned for being an Organization Death Member
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    Gas of Walrus? =GoW=? Groins of Witches? xD pwnt
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    I vote for ^PiMpiN^ . I liked his sig more than the others. I especially liked the little glass breaking effect around the render, its cool.
  5. Thanks for the CnC guys, check out my new sig "Curious". its my second attempt at a realistic look. I didnt use the wall paper for that sig, i just used the render from Planet Renders. It was in the top 100. I still have the render (i think) so i can send you the render. Srry no wallpaper.
  6. check out my new 1, i tried to make a realistic one. i know its horrible but its my first try.
  7. I prefer Final Fantasy. Best RPG series ever. and VIII was awesome, Nutz.
  8. terrible in your opinion, but leveling is part of the game. exspcially for players who are trying to 'win' or beat the game.i can see how your saying the system wont effect the storyline or that it wont change the concept/idea of the game. true. but everything effects how good a game is, all aspects, upgrading systems included.
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    i guess i will enter too.
  10. I got a playstation for my birthday when Playstation first came out. it came with a demo disc that had 15 or so games on it and it had the demo of FF7. i was pretty small when FF7 came out so i didnt understand it really, i was just clicking. but i remembered i really liked it. exspcially that famous picture of cloud standing infront of that building. well 6 years later my mom's friend came over to hawaii to visit us and she decided to buy me a game, so i remember FF7 but they didnt have it so i got 8. i played that and i loved it. then i bought ff7 a couple years later. then i got X. and in between then i got Tactics Advance. so yea thats how i got started. Fun fact: right after my moms friend bought me that game, we were sittin in the car outside the library and she had her arm on the outside part of the window seal u know, how the window will be rolled down and u rest ur arm on the part where the window can come back up. anyway, we were sitting there and my moms friend (shes fat) isnt saying anything cause we are waiting on my mom to come out of the library. then all i hear is this weird gushy splat noise. then shes like "aw no way, no way" and i look up and she has bird crap all over her fat arm. omg i laughed so hard at that hahahahahaha omfg she wiped it off but it was just so random!!!! we are sitting there and then all of a sudden s**t happens lmao!!!!!!! i bet if i had laughed that hard before she bought the game for me, she wouldent have bought it., :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  11. Squall Leonhart - Final Fantasy VIII he is DEFINITELY the best. no contest man. hes independent, strong, and has a kick butt gunblade. he stays calm and collected during intense situations, and he knows what hes doing. hes better than Tidus because Squall actually knows whats going on and is much smarter than Tidus. Squall is better than Cloud because Cloud is too quiet. and idk i just like squall better.
  12. one of the most touching moments was in FF7 the famous seen where the flower girl is killed. Every time i see the FF7 church i feel really chill. like chill as in calm.
  13. FAVORITES Favorite Overall Character: Squall Favorite Male Character: Squall Favorite Female Character: Tifa Favorite Non-Playable Character: Yunalesca (FFX) Favorite Monster: Cactar ( FF8) Favorite Boss: Final Battle FF8 Favorite Summon: bahamut? Favorite Race: Human Favorite Team: Squall, Rinoa, Irvine Favorite Weapon: gunblade Favorite Costume:Squall's Favorite Hairstyle:Barret's Favorite Ability: Steal Favorite Spell: Ultima Favorite Overdrive/Limit Break e.t.c.: Renezukon Favorite Item: X-Potion Favorite Class/Job: Swordsman Favorite Mode of Transportation: Car Favorite Dungeon: Favorite Location: Favorite Battle: vs Edea Favorite Quote: Favorite Song: all FF songs are great Favorite FMV: Favorite Minigame: Favorite Storyline: FFVII Favorite Soundtrack: FFX Favorite Optional Boss: Ultima weapon FF8 Favorite Final Boss:Edea Favorite Platform: PS Favorite Card Game: Favorite Battle System: FFVIII Favorite Graphics:FFX Best Couple: Favorite Game in Series: FFVIII WORSTS Worst Overall Character: cat sith Worst Male Character: cat sith Worst Female Character: rikku (shes like a generic stephie) Worst Non-Playable Character: Worst Monster: Worst Boss: Worst Summon: Worst Race: Worst Team: Wakka, Rikku, khimari Worst Weapon: Wakka's Ball Worst Costume: Yuna in X-2 Worst Hairstyle: Worst Ability: Worst Spell: Worst Overdrive/Limit Break e.t.c.: Worst Item: Worst Class/Job: W$orst Mode of Transportation: running, unless fighting beasts Worst Dungeon: Worst Location: Worst Battle: Worst Quote: Worst Song: Worst FMV: Worst Minigame: Worst Storyline: all good Worst Soundtrack: Worst Optional Boss: Worst Final Boss: Worst Platform: Worst Card Game: Worst Battle System: Worst Graphics: Worst Couple: Worst Game in Series:X-2
  14. "Victory...you serious?" -Wakka "SAVE SOME FOR KIMAHRI!!! -Kimahri "Hornless! Hornless!" -Yenke "There is no good, there is no bad. Just perspective and opinion." -Squall *When a battle's won* Yuna: Duck soup! Paine: Duck what? hahahaha that last one made me laugh so hard, and the "hornless!" haha
  15. yea, if a game is good its good doesn't matter what the graphics are, but the upgrading system is very key in Final Fantasy. lets look at an example, Fina Fantasy X. X had the grid system where its like a maze and u go through and unlock abilities. B grade ability system in my opinion. Now lets take a look at FFX-2. The ability and upgrading system was based on clothing and fashion. It can get confusing when you 'fuse' clothing designs. D- grade ability system.( not to mention Yuna's sudden change to Tomb Raider. the only thing they could have did worse was make Rikku into Wonder Woman ) so yea upgrading system counts a lot, especially in RPGs
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