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That guy.....you know....with the face and the nose? I swear you know him


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Hey everybody!

New to the community so lets do some cheezy intros.

Im swordplay (long story to the name) Im a student studying Exercise Science with a Major in Health Science. Currently finishing my 1st year. Im easily amused and find the small things hillarious. AS you can tell this site is my down time from studying.

First anime......watching DBZ every morning before school. HAHAHA! good days. Followed by Pokemon (yes back when it was 150. When the 151st came out i swear it changed my life) But when there is now 400 and something.......not as cool. :beat_brick:

Big fan of kingdom hearts, .hack// series and final fantasy games. More the plot and how it hooks you in. Favourite anime: Naruto, Death Note, Air Gear and Rurouni Kenshin.

Currently playing Kingdom hearts BBS and watching Cromartie High School.

I live in my head alot. I study alot, and doing ok.

Any health questions? feel free to ask haha!



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