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  1. I think Lord of the Rings- Extended editions. I havent read the books so this did it for me. That and Star Wars
  2. Kamina from Gurren laggan. The pinnacle of manliness
  3. I bought some new parts for my PC for skyrim. Upgraded the Video card, Motherboard, CPU. I ordered it on PC. Its going to be awesome! After uni exams, postpone life for...hmmm... about 2 weeks lol!
  4. Demons Eventually Lead To Angels GURPY
  5. You should try Cromartie High School. There only 15 min eps but dam there funny! Its about a group of high school delinquents. Highly recommend.
  6. Voices of a Distant Star. Short but what an amazing piece of art
  7. Im playing Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2
  8. This is pretty good! one of the best live film adaptations. Especially fan made! Lee looked awesome! Naruto looked older than I expected but not dissapointed. Must watch!
  9. When I was in highschool i got really bad bronchitis. I came down with it on the friday. So saturday i stayed home all day. The day i got sick i bought dragon quest VIII. I ended up playing from 8am-8pm that day! LOL! I ended up pumping about 100+ hours on the game.
  10. Cromartie high school! Love it! Freddy is epic!
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