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Zoids Wild

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it great that the zoids are coming back as i was afraid it was history.

Yet after seeing the trail am not too plz with how it looks.

Riding on top of the zoids like really.

The zoids i known and love use cockpit which was very logical as zoids are dangerous

Riding ontop would had resulted in death, just by how fast there moving let alone the attacks...


So riding them does take away from the world of zoids instead of using cockpit.


Am also shock that Hollywood hasn't tried to rip zoids off yet.

They been ripping off anime show off allot lately and i was sure they would had done the same with zoids.



Am glad there back but sadden the path they seem to have taken.

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I was waiting in hopes of an official simulcast or English dub announcement.


I've seen some of the older Zoids series, which to me feels kind of like a cross between Transformers and Gundam aimed at a younger crowd than Gundam typically is for.

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