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  1. Faliena

    ‘The Powerpuff Girls’ to Return

    i didn't care for the original (not to mention very violent).. the remake name "power puff z" was actually very good...(leave anime artist to turn something bad into something great) This other remake am not looking forward to
  2. i do think they should show more anime I heard they could had air mermaid melody but didn't so the people that dub it never release the dub That sad as me and other was looking forward to the show. They clearly went into more violent nothing like the hamtaro days on cartoon network. (the kinder gentler anime doesn't seem to get dub much in this age) (well beside pokemon and such so nothing really new)
  3. it been so long so i can't remember the first anime i say a surge of energy came over me. hard to explain ever since i couldn't peal myself away from anime
  4. Faliena

    One Piece

    i would say a fruit that would make me into a kitsune fox fire would be handy and illusion power and ofcourse kitsune are known for there looks. the saying calling a cute girl a fox litteraly ment she was probably a fox in human form
  5. Faliena

    Luffy far too weak?

    he seem very strong he may look weak yet he far from it well he does act a little childish which hide how strong he really is
  6. Faliena

    One Piece

    i say 10, it pretty good it was one of those you first think it wouldn't be that good then watch it and get hook right away