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  1. I am so looking forward to this. Hope it doesn't disappoint like Tri did... Then again... many people really liked Tri so I guess it's just a matter of opinion.
  2. It's not horribly bad, but the original series was much better. I had heard that Cartoon Network Execs requested this version to be more comedic. I could be wrong about that.
  3. Ok... Let's see... Hmmm... Cartoons I'm watching other than anime. Definitely Miraculous Ladybug, but is that considered a cartoon? Unless the character designs are good, I won't watch the show. I prefer not to watch something where it looks like a 2 year-old drew the characters. Guess I'm just anime spoiled.
  4. Why? I'm a big fan, although it was hard to decide with Slime and Goblin Slayers... Those are good too. Pingu in the City? Can't say I watched that in all fairness.
  5. Went to see A Star is Born last month. Lady Gaga was excellent. Bradley Cooper was good too, but he looked so greasy throughout the movie. Looking forward to seeing "How to Train your Dragon III" ... now that's a big difference from the other movie, but I'll bet I enjoy it even more.
  6. anifan

    Status Quo

    Welcome back. I'll admit... I did visit the DL area more than others, but it was (and still will be) fun to read anime comments and opinions, as well as, vote on a Season's best anime. Once and a while I'd stick my two cents in, which I will continue to do. I, too, started with Cartoon World.... age is just a number.
  7. anifan

    Zoids Wild

    Anyone watching Zoids Wild? If you can get past the character designs, it's not 1/2 bad.
  8. Oh wow.... you are wide open for a ton of recommendations. There are so many great series out there: Let's start you off with some more recent ones. Watch Attach on Titan ( Great story, but don't be afraid of a little gore.) Then move on to My Hero Academia - don't let the character designs scare you away....this show has a lot of heart. It will make you laugh, cry, and will often have you on the edge of your seat. If you like fighting using strategy and special powers, you'll like this show. BTW - Full Metal Alchemist is (in fact) one of the best series I have ever seen. Those should keep you busy for a while.
  9. Orange for the win. An important story line especially in this day and age when depression and suicides are increasing.
  10. I've been collecting anime for 15 years... starting with VHS and the series Fushigi Yugi. My last purchase "so far this year" is Laughing Under the Clouds. A lot of the anime I have is out-of-print, and I'm grateful to have it. Because most of my source is DVD, I refuse to double dip and start purchasing everything on blu-ray. I can't really take a picture of everything as I've got dvd's, etc. in about 15 different places. Take a look at what Koby has and multiply that by at least 10. Ha ha ha.... guess you could say.... I really support the anime industry. (Good thing I have a decent job. )
  11. I agree with Erased as the best..... with Bubuki Buranki as a close second.
  12. I counted 11+ short form anime for this Spring. Definitely not the greatest batch of new shows, but there are some promising ones. Seisen Cerberus, Mayoiga, Big Order, and Bungou Stray Dogs look interesting. Happily looking forward to more Asterisk, Future Card Buddyfight, and Sailor Moon. Can't forget the new Beyblade Burst, and Magi: Sinbad anime. Now that I look at it.... Guess it's not that bad....
  13. Love the new theme. Much easier on the eyes. The avatars are larger.... I'll just have to make a new one....
  14. Hey There.... First of all, if you don't mind the 4kids releases, then you may be happy to know that Cinedigm released the YuGiOh initial seasons on DVD, and you can still find them on Amazon. For the next part of your question, The series I would buy in an instant if they released them to DVD are the Zoids series: Chaotic Century, Guardian Force, New Century Zero. All of those were aired on Cartoon Network but never had a full North American release. In a more recent series, I keep waiting for Funimation to release "Laughing Under the Clouds", which they've dubbed and streamed. Every month I watch their release schedule, but its not listed yet. This isn't an anime, but I really wish they would have released Aaron Stone on DVD. That was a fun series!
  15. If it's romance you want, I highly recommend checking out some of these older anime. Fushigi Yugi - I was so hooked after watching the 1st 3 episodes. Vision of Escaflowne - Trust me...these are outstanding classics. The Story of Saiunkoku was great as well. Currently.... watch.... Snow White with the Red Hair. Season II to start back up in January. Happy Holidays!
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