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Towards the Future


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We're currently working on getting things set up for the future changes. The database has to be converted to UTF-8, but apparently we've ran into some issues on doing as such with the IPS conversion tool throwing errors. Sakura's apparently going to do attempt to do it locally on his own system and apply the changes server-side Wednesday so we might expect some moments of inaccessibility to the community while this progress takes place.


IPS still hasn't released any updates on the situation of IPS 4.1.x at this time. Last we heard it would be due out late October after having been delayed earlier this month. Here it is the end of the month though and no word still so I kind of think it could end up delayed again but I sure hope not.


I have A LOT of changes planned out in my head. I plan on redoing the usergroups: new user group styling/coloring, some new usergroup additions and removal of some existing groups. I've got 2-3 themes in mind for me to custom make myself for the new system once it's running. I'll just have to figure out the way themes go first then I'll get to work on that end. I plan on giving us our own custom look and design; something we've been lacking since our switch from vBulletin to IPS years ago.


I would also like to change up our boards setup. I want to place more emphasis on discussion and friendliness towards users while offering the ability to help new users to learn how to operate the mechanics of the forum instead of punishing them for not reading properly. We've grown too content with just ignoring or banning users who might have otherwise became a valuable aspect of the community if we'd only taken the time and given them a chance. I want to bring the focus back to actual discussion and see talking among users grow back to what it once was, or better yet, even better than ever. This community as it currently is has been surviving on downloads only and discussion is basically dead.

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Valdearg has successfully figured out a way to convert the DB. It's now done. Let us know if you notice any bugs or things not working how they should be.


The server and database are now up to standard for the IPS upgrade. So we're now on standby. =)

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