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  1. Although, it's not really important, but out of curiosity, for your OPM Dub-Dual Audio release which version of the 720p HS release did your patches apply to: the original individual ones or the batched ones?

    1. Baal


      the original individual, but i doubt batched are different

  2. Begging for money like a pro.



  3. good job on OPM! you have the best audio quality out of everyone! keep it up

  4. Hey Baal! Any updates on Index II, Railgun (re-encode), Railgun S and Index Movie?

  5. People usually use 16bit FLAC's for releases. There is little difference between 16 bit and 24bit, but 16bit is half the size of 24.
  6. Hey Baal! :) Do you perhaps have any plans to do One Punch Man Series BD + DVD/BD OVAs? It would be so sool if you would! ^_^

    1. iBreaker
    2. Baal


      Thats a secret.

    3. iBreaker


      :o:o:o I'm getting kinda excited, but sceptical at the same time! :S Personally, the main issue for an archive release would be to find/create decent subs for the OVAs. Anyone who can cross that obstacle can do a pro work imo! ;)

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