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  1. What you need is "I" type of frame (called I-frame or keyframe) which contains data for the whole frame and thus can be used for splitting. Easiest way to find them is to open video in Aegisub.
  2. Baal

    Anyone living in Europe?

    Europe FTW \o/
  3. MKVToolnix Just use the gui to remux it.
  4. Although, it's not really important, but out of curiosity, for your OPM Dub-Dual Audio release which version of the 720p HS release did your patches apply to: the original individual ones or the batched ones?

    1. Baal


      the original individual, but i doubt batched are different

  5. Begging for money like a pro.



  6. I love it, and the 300KB file size limit too. ;P
  7. Baal

    Staxrip help please

    Since Staxrip is 64 bit only.
  8. good job on OPM! you have the best audio quality out of everyone! keep it up

  9. Quantization is not a must have at avs stage because x264 will do it anyway (using its built in method, 'Serpentine Floyd-Steinberg error diffusion' if i remember correctly, same as mode 6 of dither tools). Important is piping raw 10bit/16bit data directly to x264 which is something that most ppl don't do, imo (Handbrake, MeGUI users, etc).
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    Best Girl / Guy