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  1. Baal

    Anyone living in Europe?

    Europe FTW \o/
  2. Although, it's not really important, but out of curiosity, for your OPM Dub-Dual Audio release which version of the 720p HS release did your patches apply to: the original individual ones or the batched ones?

    1. Baal


      the original individual, but i doubt batched are different

  3. Begging for money like a pro.



  4. I love it, and the 300KB file size limit too. ;P
  5. good job on OPM! you have the best audio quality out of everyone! keep it up

  6. Baal

    Best Girl / Guy

  7. Hey Baal! Any updates on Index II, Railgun (re-encode), Railgun S and Index Movie?

  8. Baal

    Audio Encoding TrueHD and DTS-HD MA

    People usually use 16bit FLAC's for releases. There is little difference between 16 bit and 24bit, but 16bit is half the size of 24.
  9. Hey Baal! :) Do you perhaps have any plans to do One Punch Man Series BD + DVD/BD OVAs? It would be so sool if you would! ^_^

    1. iBreaker
    2. Baal


      Thats a secret.

    3. iBreaker


      :o:o:o I'm getting kinda excited, but sceptical at the same time! :S Personally, the main issue for an archive release would be to find/create decent subs for the OVAs. Anyone who can cross that obstacle can do a pro work imo! ;)