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New Reputation Levels


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Before we just had the generic reputation levels (gained by users liking your posts).

  • Neutral for anything less than 20

  • Good for 20-99

  • Excellent for 100+

Now we've changed this and here is our new rankings:

  • Neutral for anything less than 20

  • Accepted for 20-99

  • Liked for 100-399

  • Trusted for 400-849

  • Idolized for 850-1249

  • Renowned for 1250-1599

  • Glorious for 1600-1999

  • Exalted for 2000+

Maybe this will help with getting people to use the Like button when the need arises to use it properly as well as give users a bit of difference in their reputations.


It's a minor change in the grand scheme of things, but something I felt still worth mentioning.

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Google+ is actually not bad. I personally don't mind using it, it's integrated well with my Android phone and Google services, so the experience is more fluid for me, especially if you use Hangouts.

I didn't say it was bad; just the place is a ghost town that nobody really utilizes.

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