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September - Childhood Cancer Awareness Month


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I'd like to challenge you to bring awareness that September is Childhood Cancer month.

In October we see everyone supporting their Pink. The local newspaper even gets painted pink every Sunday during October. The NFL wears pink socks, Nascar has pink ribbons, etc...

However in September, we hear nothing.

Thousands are diagnosed with pediatric cancer each year, and it remains the leading cause of death by disease for American children under 15. For those children and their families, and in memory of every child lost to cancer, we should strive to bring more awareness to the cause of finding improved treatments, advancing research, and hopefully finding a cure.

All children deserve the chance to dream, discover, and realize their full potential. This month, we extend our support to children everywhere who're fighting for that opportunity.

My sister was diagnosed with DSRCT in 2009. She was 17 years old. They told her that it was basically a death sentence as no one has ever survived it. She fought hard for two years, went through two major surgeries, tons of radiation and chemo; but she passed away in March 2011.

DSRCT is so rare, the only doctors who could do the surgery in the US were in New York City. Apparently it's an extremely rare and aggressive childhood cancer which they pretty much know nothing about. They did say it's more common among boys though so my sister was even a rarer case.

We've since discovered that of all the money donated to finding cures for cancer or helping them with their battle; only a mere 1% is given towards research for Childhood cancers.

So I challenge you to hopefully spread the awareness of September being Childhood Cancer awareness month.


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I'm really sorry to here about your sister Koby. I can unfortunately relate in a way - before I was born, my uncle died of cancer when he was only 13 years old. My other uncle is practically scarred for life because of that (they were really close brothers).


I'll try and relay this info as much as I can as well. 

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