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Hello and welcome to the forum.

Hope you enjoy your stay here and please remember not to spam as you will be banned.

If/when you are able to download it will take about 30 minutes before you can access the downloads and remember to thank the uploader for posting them, hope to see you around.

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I honestly can't help much with your request, cause personally, I disliked Ghost in the Shell. Well don't get me wrong, I never actually tried watching it, I just seen some episodes randomly here and there, but I may make it a point to try and check it out again one day. My sister owns the sets and movies for it anyhow.

Welcome to Kametsu Forums! I hope you continue to enjoy your stay here. Where you can discuss many things with other members such as your favorite Anime, Video Games, Music, Books, Movies.. etc.. you can post your graphics if you make any.. or fan art and fan fiction.. the possibilities are endless!

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