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Hey y'all, new member


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Name's Blue, found this place through CW. I'm a huge cartoon fan. I prefer older ones though. Here are some of my favorites (especially the marked ones):


- The Real Ghostbusters*

- Beetlejuice

- Doug*

- Rugrats*

- Ducktales

- Hey Arnold

- Garfield & Friends

- Pinky & The Brain*

- Duck Dodgers*

- The various Peanuts cartoons*

- Top Cat*

- Johnny Bravo

- Megas XLR

- Generator Rex

- The Flintstones

- The Jetsons

- The Venture Bros.*

- Futurama*


I'm a big anime fan as well. My list isn't as long though. Ones I really like are:


- Higurashi


- Angel Beats


I basically like comedy, fantasy, sci-fi and horror. I enjoyed Rurouni Kenshin and it was long for me; I've never seen Bleach, Naruto or One Piece so I don't know what they're like.

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