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  1. Renzo

    A Word Game

    Don't be mean to the geeks. They are just kind of Meek.
  2. I agree with the others. Definitely looks like some sort of diamondback.
  3. The Fannypack is lame as... Well you know what word goes next lol It's 2014 not 1980. Try a backpack
  4. Hot cheetos turn my fingers red!
  5. Wrong it is Renzo back from vacation Next is.. Kei?
  6. Renzo

    A Word Game

    I like cooking with leeks
  7. Like it! Pepperoni pizza
  8. Only a couple weeks away. I can't wait! I think it's natural with soccer to have those boring games every once in a while.
  9. I'm play assassins creed 4 for the PlayStation. I love it it combines two badass things. Pirates and assassins
  10. I have. Because a lot of the times when I watch Anime is at nighttime. So I usually make sure I know what episode online when I feel tired so I can continue next day.
  11. I'm watching Nisekoi. And I'm kind of hooked on it lol I'm a sucker for the slice of life romantic type of anime :3
  12. I'm definitely picking up Destiny when it comes out!
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