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  1. Renzo

    A Word Game

    Don't be mean to the geeks. They are just kind of Meek.
  2. Renzo

    Help Identify this type of Snake!

    I agree with the others. Definitely looks like some sort of diamondback.
  3. Renzo

    Fanny Packs: Hot or Not?

    The Fannypack is lame as... Well you know what word goes next lol It's 2014 not 1980. Try a backpack
  4. Renzo

    Cheetos vs. Hot Cheetos

    Hot cheetos turn my fingers red!
  5. Nagisa Kouhai Parasite Eve
  6. Renzo

    Last letter of the previous character's name

    Ukitake Juushiro (Bleach)
  7. Renzo

    Guess the next poster

    Wrong it is Renzo back from vacation Next is.. Kei?
  8. Renzo

    A Word Game

    I like cooking with leeks
  9. Renzo

    Like It/Love It/Hate It

    Like it! Pepperoni pizza
  10. Renzo

    2014 World Cup (Brazil)

    Only a couple weeks away. I can't wait! I think it's natural with soccer to have those boring games every once in a while.
  11. Renzo

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    I'm play assassins creed 4 for the PlayStation. I love it it combines two badass things. Pirates and assassins
  12. Renzo

    Do you ever fall asleep to anime?

    I have. Because a lot of the times when I watch Anime is at nighttime. So I usually make sure I know what episode online when I feel tired so I can continue next day.
  13. I'm watching Nisekoi. And I'm kind of hooked on it lol I'm a sucker for the slice of life romantic type of anime :3
  14. Sweet. This series only seems to get better with age.
  15. Renzo

    Lack of games for PS4?

    I'm definitely picking up Destiny when it comes out!