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  1. Lately I’ve been juggling binges of Count Duckula, The Real Ghostbusters and Chip N’ Dale Rescue Rangers. One of my best friends showed Arcane to me recently and I really enjoyed it.
  2. Not a line but when Homer panics and whimpers. Aside from that 'the goggles, they do nothing' and 'hot stuff coming through.'
  3. I'm curious to see who everyone's favs are; please include the voice and show that you loved them in also. These are mine: Maurice LaMarche - The Brain (Pinky & The Brain + Animaniacs) and Egon Spengler (The Real Ghostbusters) Lorenzo Music - Garfield (Lots of different Garfield mediums) and Peter Venkman (The Real Ghostbusters) I miss Lorenzo a lot; I loved his Peter Venkman. The voice really suited and embodied the character; the 1st 2 seasons are my favorite animation period. Billy West - Phillip J. Fry (Futurama) I like this character and this voice so much. The humor and touching moments really made me love the show and the intelligence it took for episode writing early on although that diminished over time. Patrick Warburton - Brock Samson (Venture Bros.) Like Lorenzo, he's known for his voice and pretty much only has one but it suits this character so much especially the emotion he gives it. As a character he's way better than Kronk and the Sheriff from Scooby Doo or his sitcom roles. Peter Cullen - Optimus Prime (Transformers) and Monterrery Jack (Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers). The voice he did up until the first movie was my favorite rendition of it. It's gotten a bit deeper and more digital. I'm a huge GI Joe and Transformers buff. Steven Ratazzi - Dr. Orpheus (Venture Bros.) James Urbaniak - Rusty Venture (Venture Bros.) Chris Latta - Cobra Commander (GI Joe) and Starscream (Transformers) Scatman Crothers - Jazz (Transformers) Bernadette Peters - Rita (Animaniacs) What a voice. Rob Paulsen - Yakko (Animaniacs) and Pinky (Pinky & The Brain) Christine Cavanaugh - Dexter (Dexter's Lab) and Chuckie Finster (Rugrats) Alan Young - Scrooge McDuck (Ducktales) Terry McGovern - Launchpad McQuack (Ducktales + Darkwing Duck) Honorable mentions: These people I'll mention here because they did so many different voices, I can't just list a couple that I loved. Mel Blanc and Don Messick - Just classic and so versatile. John DiMaggio. Jim Cummings. Paul Winchell. Frank Welker. Rob Paulsen. Christopher McCulloch and Doc Hammer. Tress MacNeille. Woo that was a lot to write. I guess I like cartoons too much.
  4. Then just watch the intro on youtube; even if the cartoon's not as good as it used to be. That intro song is still one of the best alongside M.A.S.K's.
  5. I like it more than Ben 10, this and Symbiotic Titan were among the better cartoons to come out in recent memory in my opinion. Rex's fate throughout the series is pretty tragic though; I want to write more but I don't want to spoil it for people who haven't seen it yet. Great show.
  6. It was so entertaining and one of my sentimental favorites. The touching episodes were great. I liked it more than Animaniacs; know what I loved on Animaniacs that didn't appear that much? Rita and Runt. They were way better than those damn hippos. Maurice LaMarche is one of my favorite voice actors of all time; he voiced Egon in what I consider my favorite cartoon; The Real Ghostbusters, well at least the first 2 seasons anyway.
  7. Old school nick had so many gems including this. I miss those days a lot. If only Hey Arnold would get that finish that it deserves. Only nick shows I didn't really like were..I can only think of one, Catdog. Angry Beavers was awesome though. That music and dance is imbedded in my mind haha.
  8. I liked it a lot back then and I still do. A lot of love went into making it. I didn't like a lot of the characters though; Bob was boring and Enzo as an adult was insufferable though there was a reason for it. I wouldn't mind seeing it come back.
  9. Name's Blue, found this place through CW. I'm a huge cartoon fan. I prefer older ones though. Here are some of my favorites (especially the marked ones): - The Real Ghostbusters* - Beetlejuice - Doug* - Rugrats* - Ducktales - Hey Arnold - Garfield & Friends - Pinky & The Brain* - Duck Dodgers* - The various Peanuts cartoons* - Top Cat* - Johnny Bravo - Megas XLR - Generator Rex - The Flintstones - The Jetsons - The Venture Bros.* - Futurama* I'm a big anime fan as well. My list isn't as long though. Ones I really like are: - Higurashi - GTO - Angel Beats I basically like comedy, fantasy, sci-fi and horror. I enjoyed Rurouni Kenshin and it was long for me; I've never seen Bleach, Naruto or One Piece so I don't know what they're like.
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