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rofl! oh ja! i have no idea rofl. so it has been a little over a year ^0^

sugoi, just around the net. and you?

Pretty much the same. Been looking for a job again. My sister was diagnosed with cancer last year, so we been at the hospital a lot in the past year. She finally got NED a few months back and stuff, but she has to take medicine twice daily and go for scans every 6 weeks to ensure it doesn't come back.

So what do you think of the forum now? The default skin was completely designed by me. One of the banners was designed by poetictragedy though. The other banner, the one with Lelouche, Snow, chaos, Chris, and Natsu was done by me. I also designed the skin called FMv7 which was based on version 7 of Forgotten Memories. The default skin was based on version 9 of Forgotten Memories, but I haven't put version 9 up on the site yet, hahaz.

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aww ;; i hope she gets better.

i think it's sugoi! i really like what you've done with it. you're all a pro skinner :)

both banners are great too. I'll check on that skin, i don't remember how v.7 looked like ;; rofl

Well I still need to create a couple more images here and there to complete this skin. As for FMv7, most of the images were simple quickies until I can manage to find time to create real images for it, so it's a little plain. Also FMv7 still needs some more work here and there.. and I just put the banner from the default skin to it for now as well.

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