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What's your favorite Playstation 1 game?

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Suikoden 2! So much love for that game.

I still remember when I bought it, I was having to choose between it and the game Poe mentioned Rhapsody and I went with Suikoden 2 because I liked the cover art better, actually that's how I used to buy alot of games back in the day, lucky for me it never screwed me over.

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Well, If I had to pick a favorite, I'd have to go with Final Fantasy Tactics.

One of the rare games I beat more than once, finding new things every time.

That and it's like the only ps1 game I still physically have.


After that, it'd be a close race between many:


Final Fantasy 7

Chrono Cross

Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete (nice to see some Lunar fans up in here)

Crash Trilogy

Spyro Trilogy

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