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  1. For me the card system was actually challenging in the PS2 for Re:chain of memories. Even if it's hard at times it is challenging at the same time
  2. Yeah, but what if it might come in the future? I'm definitely gonna buy it too.
  3. PS2 Kingdom Hearts 1 Kingdom Hearts 2 Kingdom Hearts Re:chain of memories Radiata stories Crash Bandicoot Tag Team Racing Yugioh Tag Force Yugioh Duel Capsule monsters PSP Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Fantasy 4 Bakugan Battle Brawlers Defenders of the Core Yugioh Tag Force 4 DS lite The World Ends With You Kingdom Hearts 358days/2days Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Duck Amuck Yugioh 5D's Duel accelarator 3DS Kingdom Hearts 3D Epic Mickey
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    Nice to meet you and welcome
  5. Hey there and welcome to Kametsu
  6. Carmty

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    Welcome to Kametsu, enjoy you time here
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    Welcome to Kametsu Cris
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    Welcome to Kametsu
  9. Carmty

    Hey there.

    Nice to meet you Kate. And welcome to Kametsu
  10. Yes, we all want a sequel of this game. I really hope they make another game. I won't mind if it's in the 3DS. That's gonna be my next game to buy. Nice to meet you CardGames, Nice to see another TWEWY fan I just found this in google and I really wanna share it. Who wants to have this game? :D If this comes out, I;m seriously gonna buy this next
  11. Welcome Alex, nice to meet you. Have fun here
  12. Are there any The World Ends With You Fans here? If so, then what do you like about this game? I'll start, What I like about this game is everything. The game has a lot of interactions for the DS. Pin Physics and the music and the characters have good stories. The story is about Neku, who didn't care about others than himself. But after playing the reaper's game and getting along with his partners for the past 3 weeks, he realizes that it's alright to have friends. This game really has a lot things to learn in real life. Alright, who's next?
  13. Ouran High is really funny And it's really great to watch.
  14. Hardest game for me is Final Fantasy 13. Some boss fights are really hard to beat.
  15. Crash Bandicoot 1 2 and 3 Crash Bandicoot CTR Spyro 101 dalamations (I love the mini golf there)
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