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Hello everyone I'm happy to join you all at the forums.

I have to say I found myself here because of my dislike for dubs. I mean I know that they have gotten better in the recent years, but i still feel that there is a quality in the Japanese voice acting that cannot be beat. =D

Also the American versions always tone down "inappropriate" themes. So I really enjoy watching the originals instead. ^^;

What does everyone else think? Subs or Dubs? The neverending war. XD

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Hey muness, welcome to the forum.

I agree somewhat. Almost all subs are superior to their dub counterpart. However there are some where the dub beats the sub. For example Yuyu Hakusho. It has one of the best dubs I've ever heard. All the voices fit the characters and give everything emotion when needed.

A lot of series fall flat though. Like Bleach, the dub is alright, but some characters like Grimmjow and Nel sound awful in the dub, and then characters that sound alright such as Ichigo are often flat with no emotion.

The you have more recent stuff like D.Gray-man and Soul Eater, where the dub is complete trash and ruins the series. Only one or two cast actually fit the characters, and not a single one actually puts emotion into it. They just fall flat, as if they only only saying the words but not "acting" them.

While subs on the other hand seem to always have emotion, though there are times where they overdo on that aspect, and I have noticed several series with poor casting for the subs.

So you can't honestly say that subs are 100% perfect or always better as you seem to be spouting. You also can't say dubs are bad 100% of the time. True more often then not, the dubs do suck, but you can find a gem among the many if you search hard enough.

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hi and welcome to the forum .. enjoy your stay and be sure to thank the uploader's for the link .. =D

i prefer both but i'm more in dubs than subs .. i can't focus the action when i'm reading the subs.. original JAP voice is definitely still the best .. i think dual-audio settles the war .. hehe

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Welcome, as for your question, there are many anime that are much better dubbed such as Gurren Lagann(not everyone will agree to this) I think that the dub of this show captures the personality and feel of the character's much better, especially Kamina and the famous phrase of badassness that I'm sure everyone knows, dbz is also 100% better dubbed and full metal alchemist is good both ways but I prefer the dubbed for this also however shows such as naruto, bleach and soul eater must be seen subbed but at the end of the day it is always a matter of personal taste.

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