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Hey Everyone!


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Hey Everyone Im new here and Id like to say that from what ive seen this is a great site.

Im into anime like Death Note, If anyone knows any similer ones id love to know.

I Make AMVs I have some on youtube you can search for ZodiacOf13 youll find some, but its kinda empty right now because im still in the process of gethering resources and planning.

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Welcome to the forum. Hope you enjoy it here and continue to stick around!

There is nothing quite like Death Note, it was pretty awesome. However I could recommend Code Geass, When they Cry, Elfen Lied, and Gundam 00 for most Death Note fans.

You can post AMV's you made in the Otaku Releases board. Youtube bb code tags work here as well.

If you download any anime, please be sure to post a thank you in the thread to the uploader. It not only shows your appreciation for their hard work but also shows that people are actually downloading their uploads.

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