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  1. Hey, Hamachi, how's life? Looks like someone decided to take a break from the whole forum thing, huh? Did the fucking exams get you, too??? I hope it's nothing serious, man. Allright, seeya when you're back.

  2. Hamachi

    Dragonball Return of the Saiyan

    Chapter 150: Building a Spaceship: Origins part 2 Nemecko: We have to hurry! Hamachi: Why? Nemecko: Because, Planet Capernos: Is my Home Planet. EX - Fighters: O_O Dyuu: I thought that you were from Nameck? Hence your name. Nemecko: No. In Capernosian, my name is spelt: Nemicon. Meaning: Possessor of Power. I can explain my origins, if you want? Kybestu: Please go ahead, I've always wandered what your origins are. Nemecko: My origins start when I was only 11. I was growing up in the city of Tu Ni(Two Strong Warriors). And I was growing up with my friend: Takku(Master of the Arts) (Present) Nemecko: Thats the real fight that me and Takku really fight with him. (Present) Nemecko: I was just standing there not thinking about anything. Until... (Present) Nemecko: My uncle attacked him and he just stood there. When the blast came close to him, he swiped it back to my uncle and killed my uncle. (Present) Nemecko: Before I fired a ki ball, he disappeared. (Present) Goku: Did you even get a name? (Present) Nemecko: He didn't say his name. Anyways, Takku arrived to tell me that one of the cities were being attacked by the Elementals. I ran as fast as I could and when I got there, Fury was already hurting the people of the city. (Present) Nemecko: I tried to block his sharp claws and he scatched my Sharingan Eye. He disappeared and I never got the chance to get me revenge. (Present) Nemecko: Takku, cared for me. And he wrapped my Sharingan around in bandages. And also I decided to leave the planet and come to earth. And that's when Dyuu met me, helping her fight Bojack. (FLASHBACK ENDS) Dyuu: So thats the origins of Nemecko. We now know Nemecko's Origins. We know how he got the Sharingan, and how come he left. Do you think he will be reunited with Takku? Do you think Takku is dead? Will Nemecko get revenge on Frigid for making his Sharingan Eye even worst? Find out on more ROS!!!!!!
  3. Hamachi

    Dragonball Return of the Saiyan

    What happen to u all? No one wants to read 214 episodes worth of action. ... hmm... what ever. ---------------------- Chapter 149: Building a Spaceship: The Reveal part 1 Dyuu: We need a working spaceship. Nemecko: Capsule Corp. Shiru: That place where the Legendary Vegeta lived in? Nemecko nods. Kybestu: Well what are we waiting for? We can build a spaceship! Right? They nod. Hamachi: Aren't you forgetting something? Dyuu: What? Hamachi: You Can Go Far, Kid - By Offspring and some rich 1970's Building music. Dyuu: Okay! She turns on the radio and it is already playing. They start to fly to CC and they get there and its in disrepair. Nemecko: Let's go! They run in and go down into Bulma's workshop. Dyuu: Father! Satur: I'm here to help. Along with a very good villian. The 'very good' villain steps out to be Vegeta. Goku: Hia! Dyuu: Goku - San! Vegeta - Kun! Vegeta: Whatever. Are we going to build this thing, yes or no? Dyuu: Yes, get going! EXZ Fighter: Ight! Ma'am! They start to build the ship. To bad there is no technical brains in the house. Hamachi: Um! I'm lost. Nemecko: This planet Capno needs us to help and there not going to wait to be killed. Hamachi: It's Capernos! And yes they can! They can wait because I have been on that planet for over 2000 years! And I know they can wait. Shiru: How old are you? Hamachi: 1145 but if you look at me, I look like a 19 year old. Dyuu: Is that even possible? Hamachi: Look at Dyuu, she's 1293 years old but if you look shes more like a 23 year old. Dyuu: You son of a bitch! I'm going to send you to hell! Kamahamaha!!!!!! Goku: Kamahamaha! SSJ Vegeta: Kakorot, leave them to kill each other. Goku looks at him. Goku: No. Vegeta: Half wit. Nemecko: Where not even half done and you two are trying to kill each other. Kybestu: Let them! Nemecko: Kybestu, can you come here? Kybetsu: Sure. Nemecko: Sharingan! Kybestu: Ah! Ha! He starts to drool. Nemecko: Get back to work! Everybody obeyed. Vegeta: So is this planet in the same universe as Nameck? Nemecko: Is Hamachi? Hamachi: Yeah. Nemecko: We have to hurry! Hamachi: Why? Nemecko: Because, Planet Capernos: Is my Home Planet. EX - Fighters: O_O Nemecko: My family lives there. And I haven't seen them since the I left for Earth. We now know that Nemecko is not from Nameck. He is from the terrorized planet, Capernos. What difference hold for him? Is he going to reveal the rest of his origins? Find out on the next ROS!!!!!
  4. Hamachi

    An excellent example of how to break bad news!

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL .... NO! I read this one already... so it's not funny to me anymore but *wets pants* yes I am laughing again.
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    Anime .Gif Thread!

    I'll add more later this weekend, i have no time now.
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    Anime .Gif Thread!

    Sorry thought I repay the favor
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    Anime .Gif Thread!

    lol your using my avatar
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    Favorite Live-Action TV Show?

    My favorites are: 1) Ghost Hunters 2) Ghost Adventurers 3) Destination Truth
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  11. true but i cant find any version that are good enough for Mp4 format. So can the Death Note Uploader upload the THREE LIVE ACTION MOVIES?

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    Banned Sensui for banning me
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    welcome and enjoy the forums
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    Where do you live?

    Konogakure, Land of Fire