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Hey Everyone


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Hey Everyone,

I just registered today and I wanted to find a new forum because the one I was at died(not going to explain because I tried saving it). Anyways, I love to write fanfiction or original stories. I'm a HUGE naruto/shippuden fan, dragonball (z [gt can go to hell]) and InuYasha/the final act. I listen to mainly Japanese Music from Anime or just hunting it down on Youtube. Hamachi is my original character's name.

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Welcome to Kametsu forums!

If you like writing a lot of Fan Fiction.. we have an "Otaku Releases" board for Anime fanfiction.. or an "Art and Literature" board for all other types of Fan Fiction. I'm sure many of us would be willing to read them if you posted them. ^_^

Dragonballz was the first Anime I ever saw, back when it aired on Toonami. xD It's what got me into Anime, and I've been watching it ever since. So I've been an Anime fan since like 97 or 98. However I didn't become a huge Anime Fan till around 2007 when I started watching subtitled Anime and downloading Anime. xD

I've been waiting for the dub of Inuyasha Final Act since I saw the original in English, and figured I had plenty of other stuff I could watch while I waited.

Well hope you enjoy your stay here.

If you download any anime, please be sure to post a thank you in the thread to the uploader. It not only shows your appreciation for their hard work but also shows that people are actually downloading their uploads.

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