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whoops posted a number of times and i now make an introduction thread? silly me

i found forgotten memories through the english dub kingdom

what rpgs have i played *scratches head* well shit ive been playing them since i was 8 WAY too many to remember um most memorable are FF7 FF6 FF8 tales of phantasia tales of destiny 2 Legend of zelda link to the past LOZ windwaker to name a few

what rpgs do i like? final fantasy zelda and a few others if its got good plot and good combat

what have i beaten? nearly all i played particularly those above

nope sorry i dont do graphics nor grammar for that matter =P if any clarification is needed please let me know

and nope no questions

i hope to have a fun time here as this place seems fairly active alot more then my last forum

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Renzourin, welcome to the forums.

LOLz... I really need to update the intro topic. I keep saying that but I haven't yet. You see this forum use to be called Forgotten Memories which was an RPG / Final Fantasy forum for the website (http://forgottenmem.net), however when I opened Kametsu I decided rather than create a new forum.. just to use the FM forums and use one forum for both sites.. so we became an anime and gaming forum with downloads, etc.. and I just renamed the forum to Kametsu.

Anyhow, hope you enjoy your stay and stick around and have fun!

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