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Glad you joined and started posting ^.~. Hope you enjoy here. Post lots. See you around. What anime/manga do you like?

Btw nice avvie! Suits you ^.~

Heyz Spidey

Glad to be here :D

Hmmm i don't really read mangas at all. But my all time fav animes are Ef tales, true tears, FMA, Black lagoon, Inuyasha and Cowboy bebop

Thanks. It's the same avvy i'm using on MAL :P

Hey FallenAngel (nice name btw, use to be in a clan of that name on the rpg, lolz), welcome to Kametsu. I hope you enjoy it here!

Hey Koby

Thanks for the welcome ^_^

welcome to kametsu!

im so glad you could join (:

Hey Gummi!!

Thanks for the welcome :D

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no problem (:

still as good as ever in your sigs!

Thanks ^_^. I havent really made sigs in awhile.

Your sigs are great! U've improved alot :D

DAMN! your all time favs are none of my favs xD except for FMA, I like that show. Good job on using that avatar lolz it's cute haha!

lol u usually dont like the 1s i do xD

and i still got gurren lagann to watch *makes a note to watch it next*

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