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  1. Ah! yes! Like I cried on the moon lit night when I was hungry and needed chocolates but you weren't in the mood of giving them to me :( *cries for another second*

  2. lol xD

    I don't like crying either... but sometimes u have to, just to get ur feelings out (:

  3. Hey voodoo!! ^_^

    *spams page*

  4. FallenAngel

    Inuyasha: Final Act

    Ya i think i already gave them to u on msn?? If i didnt remind me next time (:
  5. FallenAngel

    Kametsu Random Discussion~

    5 days later... (ya i've been too lazy to log in and post >_<) I'm gud but totally sleepy since its almost 1am here...I should get some sleep soon. How about you??
  6. FallenAngel


    Voodoo!! Nice to see you here as well Thanks for the welcome
  7. FallenAngel

    Trigun the Movie Dated for Spring 2010

    Ohh i might check this out when it comes out Liked the anime version of Trigun
  8. FallenAngel

    Gundam Series Timeline?

    I don't think you would actually have to watch them in order since the story doesn't seem follow on from the different series (apart from ones like Gundam seed and Gundam seed destiny). Anywayz i looked it up and heres an order that someone posted elsewhere: And if u want more info: Link Hope this helps (:
  9. Oh! So, sorry!!! *cries for a sec* Sorry, but I can only cry for one second. I don't like crying :P

  10. FallenAngel

    Kametsu Random Discussion~

    ya (: i used to love white chocolates but now i just find it a bit too sweet so i tend to stick to dark or milk chocolates
  11. FallenAngel

    Inuyasha: Final Act

    Ahh i c. Didnt know u saw some of the eps. At least the new season wont be as slow xD
  12. FallenAngel


    Ya i'll start watching it 2day (hopefully) Thanks for the welcome =D Ur welcome. Can't wait to see more of ur sigs
  13. you mean liking? > : D

  14. FallenAngel

    Inuyasha: Final Act

    Inuyasha the final act is a continuation from the main Inuyasha series. Since the manga was on-going at the time they stopped the anime at ep 167 without a proper ending. The manga ended a few months back so this season was done to finish up the anime. So u'd have to watch the first 167 eps to understand whats going on xD