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Hello Everyone~

I am new here.. Why else would I make a topic anyway? XD

I know I know, I have registered a few days ago, so what? D=

Well, I am not really good with intros.

I'll just follow the things mentioned in the guidelines I guess.

How did you find Forgotten Memories?

Gummi Bear~

What RPG's have you played?

What RPG's do you like?

What RPG's have you beaten?

I am too lazy right now to think of all the names.. Don't think I have beaten many though

Do you do graphics? If so what graphic programs do you have?

Hmm.. I guess I don't.. yeah...

Do you have any questions?

The world is full of questions XD

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Aye, we really need to update that.. lolz. That was from the time the forum was known as Forgotten Memories Forum, which was solely based on rpg's like final fantasy, etc.. I converted it to Kametsu forums which is now for anime & video games.

Anyways, welcome to the forum, hope you like it here. Have fun!

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