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  1. hey tsuki, well im making my own forum site and im still working on it so no posting yet but would you like to join it now?

  2. i've been okay and i just started uni my 1st day today!! lol

  3. I've been okay tsu...sorta, lol. How about you?

  4. Hey~

    How have you been? x3

  5. Tsukasa


    Hello Everyone~ I am new here.. Why else would I make a topic anyway? XD I know I know, I have registered a few days ago, so what? D= Well, I am not really good with intros. I'll just follow the things mentioned in the guidelines I guess. How did you find Forgotten Memories? Gummi Bear~ What RPG's have you played? What RPG's do you like? What RPG's have you beaten? I am too lazy right now to think of all the names.. Don't think I have beaten many though Do you do graphics? If so what graphic programs do you have? Hmm.. I guess I don't.. yeah... Do you have any questions? The world is full of questions XD
  6. Hey Tsuki! Nice to see you here :D

  7. Hello Tsukasa! Welcome to Kametsu lol

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