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I'm feeling a new skin.. any one have any suggestions?

I'd like to go custom but I haven't finished the skins.. and I need someone to design the buttons (I'm not so good at them/ don't like doing them, lol).

I'm also looking to changing up the anime section and removing fanclubs.. as well as cleaning up the forum.

We need everyone to be more active, and also to invite others so we can get this forum active again!

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Im New At This How Would I Go About Inviting Some One Or Being More Active

You can invite others by talking to them in instant messengers, emailing them, advertising us in signatures on other forums, etc..

You can be more active by visiting the forum often and posting.

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I'm trying my best but do you guys have ad signatures for this place?

Yeah cleaning up the place would be a good thing to do since alot of topics are a year old.

I think they are in a pinned topic in either assistance or broadcast station.



We use to have tons of sigs but they were all for when the forum was known as FM..

now we don't have very much.. :/

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