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What brand of T.V. do you have?

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Just got a cheap-ass Panasonic 28 inch, it at least has a S-Video connection.

it also has Extended surround sound built-in not bad for something this cheap, wait I take it back this kicks the arse of any LCD out there...

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Panasonic 50" tcp-50g15 Plasma..... At the time CNet put it right behind the Pioneer Kuro that just got discontinued.

Now i'm looking up upgrade to a LED let screen, for a little more power savings, as i like to leave it on in the background while i'm working on the computer. Although the TruMotion (120hz/240hz) stuff really trips me out, LOL. Good thing it can be disabled. Thinking maybe going with the LG Infinia W5600 or W6500 series.

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