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    Tera Online

    Characters & Environment are absolutely beautiful. The combat is really fun, no lock on targeting keeps you engaged and on your toes. Learning to dodge/duck/and weave your attacks is key. The classes are interesting, and the activities in the game keep you entertained. It does seem a little grindy, and the quests are kind of boring (mainly fed-ex & kill 10 of), i havent gotten into a dungeon or raid yet (i'm a alt-a-holic) so i'm holding judgement on those until i see if they are interesting or not. I have not gotten to deep into crafting or enchanting, but they do seem very similar to Aion's systems. If i had to make a one-liner about the game it would be "Aion & Monster Hunter had a love child" I ordered the physical collectors edition and will be subbing to the game after the 2 days i spent with it.
  2. last one i watched was the live-action paradise kiss, if we are talking about live-action adaptations. last actual live-action (as in not-anime & in theatre) movie i was was underworld awakening. Meh, it was alright, but sometimes they just take on the obligatory 3D f/x just to raise the ticket price.
  3. Mass Effect trilogy, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Skyrim. I vary rarely make it all they way through a game, usually get so busy with life & work that most games get replaced by a new one before i get a chance to finish. Those 3 i listed i made it all the way though, and refused to buy a new game until i completed them.
  4. Traded in my NSX for a Corvette i had custom ordered Which put me though a year of hell because it was a lemon, i was so fed up that i decided to stop driving sport cars and go for something a little less likely to have problems, and now its just a Honda Ridgeline. Everyone gives me hell for getting rid of the first two, but i love having something that i dont have to worry hitting a pothole, i can drive over a curb to get around a dumb ass, and i dont look like and idoit driving home from Home Depot with a bunch of shit sticking out of the hatch/side window
  5. My only gripe is that albert is a little too much of a bitch all the time, he needs to grow a pair a little more often. But then again, i guess him being 15-16yrs old, and spoiled can explain it. The wussie-boy protagonist thing just gets over used too much. But i would say this is a must watch, i'm pegging it at a 9/10, even with the bitching i've been doing about the art style & Albert.
  6. The patterns and colors of the clothes i like, and i agree on it saying something to their personalities, but when they move and walk around the colors/patterns do not move with them, and thats what bugs me, or maybe a better word would be "distracts" from the rest of the artwork in the scene. So far im on ep16, and the story is getting better and better. Gonna try to marathon it tonight, while i finish up some work on the computer.
  7. seems good so far, i'm 4 eps into it so far. the fabric on the clothing (how it seems to be on a background layer) is really bugging me for some reason. But it's holding my attention enough to keep watching.
  8. - Updated to new server settings - Streamlined posts to put connection settings behind spoiler tag to avoid "wall-o-text" - Added screenshots, download links, and website links - Added xchat-azure tutorial
  9. Utorrent (nice if your used to the windows version, but Mac version is quite behind in extra features) or Transmission (simple, lightweight in resources) For playback you can install a "Perian" codec pack into your system preferences pane and use QuicktimeX, you can download VLC (2.0+ supports the newer 10bit encodes), or download MPlayerX (a mac port/gui for mplayer, it also plays 10bit encodes) my personal combo is transmission (remote web monitoring & has "prevent computer from going to sleep" utorrent does not in the mac version) and MplayerX (has sequential play, automatically goto next episode in series, loads quicker and no font caching like vlc)
  10. Dope! Diggin Nana O's voice actor doing the character too.
  11. I just received my pre-order for the Blu-Ray re-release a few days ago of this one, its a GREAT series. Its a definite must-watch, enough so that i spent the $50 buying it.
  12. ----- reserved for MangoChat tutorial
  13. ----- reserved for Textual chat tutorial
  14. ----- reserved for colloquy tutorial
  15. Colloquy - FREE Website -http://colloquy.info Download Page - http://colloquy.info/downloads/colloquy-latest.zip Setup & Network Connection Tips: Currently editing photos, will be up soon
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