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ello pplz!!!!!


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hey guys!!!:byebye:

im 12..oh and dont think im a baby:canny:

anyway..my name is my secret(you have to ask!!!:dhh:)im from Malaysia(hello to Malaysians!!!!)i love to draw,make friends,anime and shopping with my bff.i hate pink,pinky girl and annoying ppls..my favourite anime are Death Note,Air Gear,Naruto,Bleach,Jigoku Shoujo and The Law Of Ueki.I know..well im sweet,kind and kinda hyper:dhh:

It nice meeting you all!!!!!!!!!:byebye:

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@Shade: Bah, you are only 17, I'm 19 (but 20 this year :'( I am officially leaving the tean years :o).

Anyway, I, Azirius, welcome you, Akara69 to this lovely forum! :] I hope you have an interesting time and make lots of friends with the forumites X]

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