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I was browsing the old clic!dev forums and decided why not email again to try to get some people back from the old days. =P The place has been rather inactive as of late. Hey Nutz, good to see you, and welcome back, lol.

Not a whole lot is up... I dunno if you knew of the changes of FM to Kametsu before now though. xD

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Thanks, to be honest when I was a freshman in high school I started skipping class and stuff and ended up risking almost going to Juvenile over truancy and therefore had to drop out to prevent it.. :/ So I been studying for my GED, which I started finally last week, and they had me take a test to see where i was at and what I needed to study etc.. Well I passed it showing that I was above a Highschool Graduate in knowledge... and they said I could take the test already but it wouldn't hurt to review some things since its been like three years since i did anything with school.. They said once I get the GED they will help me get into college and find ways to pay for it such as scholarships, etc..

See when I was in school before, before dropping out I was in advance classes, Algebra was my favorite and easiest to do subject, and I often was chosen to help the rest of the class as I was always a fast learner and fast worker and would be done with all the work for that class in about 30 minutes when class lasted 90 minutes.. =P I was even recieving letters from colleges like Duke University since like 4th grade when I aced all the Taas Exams, and in 7th grade I was in the top 4 of our grade which had about 3,000 students and was chosen to go take the SAT's at Austin College, and I don't remember the exact score but it was like 2,500 something.. which if I remember right they said was actually above passing.. though I can't remember if thats true.. :/ but that was done when I was in seventh grade. Needless to say a lot of family was disapointed in me when I was forced to drop out due to bad decisions and hanging out with my friends whom they said was a bad group.. lol.. but oh well thats in the past... :/

I don't think I ever told anyone this online... because I'm ashamed to admit it.. :(

Now off that subject... I never really liked big forums either, usually most of the forums I visit there not that big and not many posters. Though lately I started visiting some big ones but mostly just for the anime downloads like Baka-Wolf and Bleach Exile. =P

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