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Hello to you all and banzai bankai


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Well i am a complete NOOB to this forum so if you read this please be


to start of my top 5 (or six it may be) Anime series are as follow

Number ,5: Code Geass both series as i found it just got better with time and the beginning was awesome

Number ,4: This one is a big tie as there is Aquarion and Linebarrels of Iron that with both i found to be extremely awesome but with this one i would have to say Linebarrels is better because i really like the whole idea of the Mechana and Factor being as one but on that not the story to Aquarion is better with the whole 10,00 year reiecarnation and revival of war between humans and shadow angels ( the reson it fell slightly behind is that the idea was sought of done in Neon Genisus Evangelion the very first whole anime series i watched when it first aired in Australia in 1997)

Number ,3: Naruto and maybe Naruto shippuden when get around to it soon after finishing Naruto but on that note Naruto is collosally awesome in its story ( just a pitty about all that darn filler left right and centre)

Number ,2: Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.

they both have great story lines and animation but Brotherhood pulls ahead with the whole thing as it is much much more in depth and has a heap more twists and turns than any race track on earth


Bleach as my user name says and i am sure that there is no real reason to say much about this one

now for some games top 5

5 Final Fantasy series

4 Grand Theft Auto series

3 Fallout series

2 God of War series all on ps2/3 and psp

1 Metal Gear Solid series ( from the very first Metal Gear on the NES right up to Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker on PSP

my hobbies are playing video games watching anime and various T.V shows and listening the ear drum bleeding heavy metal

i have had a crack at doing some drawing but never did any good as i all ways tried on paper with pen or pencil so if anyone knows of a good easy to use graphics program then please let me know as i am absolutely sure that with that i good get some good results.

Now i must say i was lucky to come upon this site / forum as it was through a random search of google that i came across it when looking for the second set of episodes to be released dubbed for Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and has proven to be priceless with other series mostly Bleach

AH well cheers for reading this and bankai banzai to all


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Wow, that is one great introduction. You did fine, so no worries. ^_^ In fact, that's how the introductions are supposed to look like.

Most of the anime are in my top 5 list as well, only the 4th ones on your list i never even heard about lol.

4 Grand Theft Auto series
You like shooting teh cops as well, eh? ^.~

Anyways, welcome to the forum, i hope you will enjoy your stay here!

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well, one can spot a noob from distance. Of course, it's totally obvious.

You see, us, veterans, have a rule - never make post longer than a couple of lines. From respect to your own lazyness, and from respect to the lazyness of the member who's gonna read all that. You still have a long way to go, young padawan.

nah, to be serious keep up the good job, welcome to the forums

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